Failure is not a crime, deceiving is!

Corporate India has not shown the kind of ‘white collar crime’ that Ramalinga Raju of Satyam Computers appears to have committed since the 1960s. It was in late 1950s that a smooth talking gentleman from Andhra Pradesh called Jayanti Dharma Teja, better known as Dr Teja, turned up in Delhi to charm the then Prime Minister Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru with his talk about establishing a ‘National Shipping Empire’. Government of India’s backing became available to Dr. Teja in generous measure. With that backing came easy availability of loans from financial institutions and banks. Dr. Teja used this easy money to buy second, third or fifth hand tubs from wherever, with which to establish his ‘shipping empire’ called Jayanti Shipping Company. All the ships of the company were called ‘(Something) Jayanti’. For a few years Dr. Teja became a celebrity entrepreneur. Then came his fall which was a little slower than his rise. By 1965, his company was caught in a web of unpaid bills and unpaid bank loans, personally accused of all manner of financial skullduggery he became a fugitive from Indian law, taking shelter in Costa Rica. Dr Byrraju Ramalinga Raju co-founder and Chairman of Satyam Computers is as compelling a personality as Dr Dharma Teja was in his time. Unfortunately both of them misused their talents.

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  1. You did not write an interesting fact: Mrs Dharma Teja was a beautiful woman, something very crucial for a businessman to get into charmed circles of Mr Nehru.

    • Are you indirectly saying Mr.Nehru got charmed by other peoples wives? Im sure Lord Mount Batten Would debate that..

  2. Thank you for this little known information.

  3. //Mrs Dharma Teja was a beautiful woman//

    Apparently, she was not his real wife and was his private secretary. His wife was a foreigner who died mysteriously.

  4. I can tell that this is not the first time at all that you write about the topic. Why have you decided to touch it again?

  5. Dear all,
    After seeing all your comments it saddens me to see how a hero and a right hand man to the first prime minister of our country is being disgraced. All i can say is Jayanti Dharma teja was the first person to introduce a private merchant shipping into the country, And was one of the people who brought science and industry into practical use in a place called “Third world country”. Im sure none of you in this blog would ever be hounered as the guest of costa rica. He was see as a hero by some. Im sure most of u dont know about the real reasons for him to get into such a situation. Neither were Ambanis or Wadias less innocent, not considering our corrupt politicians and beureaucrats. If people are doubting the integrity please have a look at my street where politicians have eaten half the road and the other half is left to puncture my cars tyre.

    • I am sorry to respond so late—-almost a year late!
      However, I must correct the impression that Dharma Teja was the first Indian to introduce Private Merchant Shipping in the country. Not so.
      The first was V.O. Chidambaram Pillai of TamilNadu (then Madras Presidency) back in late 19th Century nd early Twentieth Century.
      Then came Walchand Hirachand with his Scindia Steamships and then Birla’s Indian Steamships

    • I fail to understand how this nation could make any progress with fools making all sort of claims without verifying the facts. Teja was a thief of high order and scammed people by pretending as his he is a personal fried of Nehru who used to call him on phone. My such false pretence he managed to extract al lot of money from unsuspecting people.

      Long before this scamster and fraud Dr. Teja, to my knowledge there were three commercial shipping companies in the private sector namely Tata Shipping, Scindia Shipping and down south in Madras Presidency a shipping company was established Mr. Chidambaram and he was so successful against the British shipping company, even today we have IN war ship named after him.

    • Aditya Jayanti: do you know the real reason why he got into that situation?

  6. Why our countrymen look about +side of Dr.Dharmateja Jayanthi

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