Why Indians are disliked around the world?

This is an extremely complicated question! Indians in Australia believe that they are being targeted because of their race. Australian authorities believe that Indians have been attacked because of their possessions like expensive cell-phones and laptop computers. Both could be right to a limited extent. Others call Indians, “filthy foreigners“, they are also right. I was 34 years old when I came to America and I have spent more than 22 years in this country, 7 of these in a university environment and 10 on the American main-street. I have yet to find a single non-Indian who for any reason admired any Indian or India. Besides interacting with Americans, White and Black, we had to deal with students from every country in this world. Nobody had any kind words for India or Indians! Why such profound dislike for all things Indian?

Indians are very proud people and often arrogant. We all love to talk about us and India, just like Americans, Europeans and all others do. The difference is that we lecture everybody and try to make others feel that they are unfortunately, stupid! People resent that, as we have very little to show for. The world applauds non-violence but make fun of ‘Mahatma Gandhis’ of the world in their private confines. People may denounce a ‘Tiananmen Square‘, but they admire the Chinese for that. Pakistan may be the epicenter of terrorism but it is lionized as a nuclear power. Russia has been a brutal dictatorship since God knows when, but the President of United States feels obliged to pay a courtesy visit every four years. We live in a hypocritical world where might is right, India needs to learn this very important lesson.

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  1. A most interesting viewpoint there. Just to chip in with a bit of my own experience, I realise that Indians are possibly the Jews of Asia, though some people have called the Chinese that.

    I can confirm your view that not many people respect or like India, and Indians – Most people I know and have met, are indeed not big fans of Indian people. You often see caucasians who are learning Chinese or Japanese, and who are enamoured by the Chinese or Japanese culture, but you never ever see that many people who’re into Indian culture these days (excepting the 60s to 70s where it appeared that many hippies, rebelling against christianity and other established western norms, went to India seeking mystical enlightenment).

    By this I mean Indians who were not born overseas. It seems that what people dislike about Indians isn’t so much the colour of their skin, since overseas born Indians often don’t face much discrimination, but it’s mostly about the attitudes and behaviour of Indians. The common complaints are that Indians are arrogant, overtly self-serving and self-promoting, overly talkative (not allowing others to get a word in edgewise), greedy and unreliable (in terms of putting their interest above all else, despite any assurances to the contrary). I have to say that I personally find Indians (non overseas Indians) generally a bit too competitive and self-promoting; based on my encounters at the workplace, and even in social settings.

    Even if I acknowledge that meeting a few unpleasant Indians does not an entire unpleasant race make, I am personally aware that I appear to be racist. The thing is, I started out being neutral towards Indians, based on having overseas-born Indians as friends and generally finding overseas-born Indians quite normal, decent, folk. I was, in fact, quite surprised by the behavior of the Indians I met, and was reluctant to see a trend (as I fancied myself a non-racist). And while this could purely be anecdotal, many people I’ve met in the service industry (cafe or restaurant waitresses, airline hostesses, hotel staff etc) tell me that the customers who’re from India tend to be the most demanding, rude and unappreciative customers. They said that this got worse with the more high-powered Indians, like bankers and business people.

    But when the second Indian turned out very similar to the first, and then the third, and then the fourth, it’s hard not to form a sort of view. Strangely, my acquaintances and friends who dislike Indians share this experience; they hate to admit that they dislike Indians (some of them make sure to qualify that they don’t dislike Indians in general, but simply have been unlucky to meet unpleasant Indians)……..but they mostly find that they have not been impressed by the Indians they’ve met, and that they were surprised by how unpleasant they were. Even the overseas-born Indian friends I have dislike Indians from India, and not because of the caste system. I then realised that this was down to the huge cultural gap between Indians from India, and the rest of the world. That such behaviour on the part of Indians from India must not be construed as negative in India, and that people from elsewhere see it as negative, when because of the circumstances in India, it is considered normal.

    And most of us were quite embarrassed and surprised by our admission, when we talked about it. Many of us appreciate Indian history, culture, films, food and its vital contributions to the world, but we are often at a loss for words when we meet so many Indians from India who seem to only be interested in boasting or dominating a conversation, or who think nothing of fawning at the workplace. As I mentioned above, I strongly believe that skin colour or poverty has anything to do with the matter. My own view on the matter is that the caste system has led to a very strong sense of persecution for many Indians, who freed from that sort of oppression overseas, tend to overcompensate. As I don’t understand Indian culture enough, I was hoping you could help me understand the cultural differences, or basis for the behaviour of Indians. Perhaps, I’m really racist (just in self-denial), but I really hope I’m not one!

    • I should clarify that I meant that overseas born Indians don’t face as much discrimination, not that they don’t face any discrimination at all. I’m aware how much bullying and discrimination the 2nd generation Indians in the UK and Australia face, for example. I suspect this has to do with how successful the Indians are in terms of business, academics and finance; there must be a lot of envy and scapegoating behind the discrimination.


  2. I concur. My really bad experience with an Indian born in India came at Princeton many years ago. The guy did his undergrad study at a private college in the US. But old habits die hard. One day he came to me asking for technical advice. I told him how to do certain things and alas, he went his own way. The next day, his supervisor came over with him and told me things went wrong, I was dumbfounded. But all of sudden, he started accusing me, saying he told me in loud voice. I almost hit me. But then I realized I was a research staff, an employee of the university. So I told his supervisor to fuck off, as fighting in front of another man was my style. The guy turned around and ordered the Indian graduate student to go back to fix it. To this day, I wish I had smashed his face, for it would’ve saved a lot of trouble later on.

    Some time later, this guy and I happened to work on the same project. This is when the real trouble began. He would take ideas from my casual conversations and show to his advisor as his own. And his advisor, an assistant professor, and fairly aggressive one, was eager to use him against me. It was two years of unceasing trouble before I managed to ward them off.

    But I did have my revenge one day when this guy, Rudro Samanta, was making noise outside my office. When I told him to be quiet as we were working/studying inside, he told me to go somewhere else. So I seized his neck, lifted him away, short of smashing his face. From then on, Rudro seemed to learn how to low his tone and instinctively protect his throat when he saw me. But for his arrogance and sociopathic rudeness, I wouldn’t for a moment today, once I’m not of the school environment, hesitate to smash his head and stomp his skull to pieces.

    Like you, a principal at Microsoft, a very nice and intelligent Chinese woman, also told me of the extreme arrogance of her former Indian manager. All she said is that it must be due to the caste system in Indian that people from that country grow up without any social conscience, nor an ounce of empathy. To this, I will add “pervasive, extremely corrupt bureaucracy.”

    Regarding the treatment of bartenders and waiters, a girl working at a Seattle coffee shop once told me, out of blue, that Indians never tipped. Last night, a group of Indians came to my local bar. One of them was so arrogant toward the bartender that I believe given slight provocation, he would be kicked out or have his ass seriously kicked.

    I don’t understand how such people can be allowed to pollute the social environment in the west, as if there isn’t already enough nastiness in our society.

    In some way, reading your comments makes me feel a little better, in that my experience isn’t unique and other people are aware of the problem.

    • As smashing & bullying Indians so that it helps u in future, is normal for u there are many things normal for Indians as well. although yr posts seem to be “what i want from Indians & what i don’t ” & not really “what is the reason for this misunderstanding & how can it be curved”, there’s almost nothing here except for hatred without reason. it’s impossible to clap with only one hand, but as i see it here, that’s what u expect from us. The Indians born in India & who had never been to a foreign country, share similar views toward foreigners as u do for Indians coming from India. But this never made them to smash or bully foreigners, instead resident Indians treat their guests wholeheartedly & u can confirm that from foreigners living here in India. In a region where Islamic extremists & communists has gathered hands against secualarism, Indians surely fight hard times to stand as a Democracy. And after all these years of adversities if we had been a successful democracy, then obviously the Indians are misunderstood overseas. unlike the kids of europen & american societies, kids in India face extreme adverseries & really struggle hard to get a decent life for themselves & for their parents. my own cousin who wishes for a better future, travels 15 kms every day through public transport for his IIT coaching apart from attending his school & attending his English classes. Indians may sound rude but in reality aren’t actually & they may look like dimwit morons without any self respect but in reality Indians who are among u in yr country had to face serious competition, had to prepare for numerous exhaustive years & surely have a tendency to save more than yr earnings. finally u may have encountered several unimpressive Indians but i can bet u’ll never meet an Indian who’s Jihadi, terrorist or someone who can be proved unproductive. matters are gradually becoming better here & i hope the world doesn’t see Indians as a threat to their society or economy & that perspective towards Indians will change gradually as well.

      • A giant load of crap. It’s people like you who would blindly defend the REAL Indian bully and his unprovoked aggression towards me that convinced me Indians are hopeless.

        Wake up. Sounding rude IS being rude. Acting aggressive IS being aggressive. I don’t know what else is there.

        I always get the feeling that the guy I had problem with me — and now you — try very hard (too hard) to sound erudite, thoughtful and intelligent. Listen, what you say just doesn’t compute in this world.

        People are not that stupid. In your own cultural bubble, maybe you can get away with that kind of reasoning, because most people in your country are illiterate. Not here.

        Learn how to be fair and stop bull-shitting. Learn to respect others. It’s not too much to ask. But again, you come from India.

    • Your personal problems and ignorance are two things to be worried about…Most South Asians and perhaps Arabs these days try to pass themselves off as Indians(You chavs really hate Islam,don’t ya?). You see,that helps them a lot in earning respect not from the butt-hurts like you but the successful citizens of America. Ain’t you heard about Indians being the most successful community in America Holmes? Read Forbes Mr. Face Smasher……..http://www.forbes.com/2009/02/24/bobby-jindal-indian-americans-opinions-contributors_immigrants_minority.html…and get a doctor psycho coz’ you and your Seattle waitress confuse Indians with Sri Lankans,Pakistanis and Bangladeshis and for God’s sake tell her we are not in America to give free tips!! We are there to rule!

      • There’s plenty of western ignorance of Indians in this post and its comments, but your response doesn’t help matters. You’re essentially evidence for the main criticisms of Indians here. Saying that you’ve immigrated into a country “to rule” it is UNBELIEVABLY arrogant. Tipping is an essential cultural custom. It shows class, and it shows that you’re not an insensitive buffoon. Some wait staff’s entire income comes from tips, and giving less tha 10 to 15% is like saying, “I don’t care if you starve.” Not a great way of showing empathy.

  3. This is purely stupid & ignorance of the author I accept that Australians are possessive due to intelligence & job offers they get . A person’s personality is known by his best friend so it happens the same here there is a high possibility that author may have interacted with his type of bunch of people who hate india

  4. Let me tell you, Indians are the most annoying people that I’ve ever came across.
    I work in the semiconductor industry that is generously sprinkled with Indians.
    They are arrogant to a fault. When arguing their points, they always feel the need
    to point out to us that they have a Phd. Come to find out, its a Phd from some
    Indian uni that we’ve never heard of. Impressive. Moreover, they are notorious
    for taking credit for ideas that are not theirs in the first place; thus, we always
    have to be on the lookout for them. At meetings, they talk the most and most of
    what come out of their mouths are nonsense. A meeting that should have lasts
    30 minutes often turns into a 2 hours ordeal because the Indians just wouldn’t shut up. They talk so fast that we can only catch 2 or 3 words in every sentence.
    God helps anyone who cross one of them, because the rest would gang up on
    that poor soul. We refer to them as the Indian Mafia. Admittedly, there are a few
    decent ones; however, a majority of those either have lived in West for a long
    time or was born and raised here.

    At the gym where I workout, we have a group of 3, 4 Indians working out in a
    gang. They are often so loud in their Hindi conversations that you either have
    to crank up your ipod or move to the other side of the room to concentrate on
    your sets. They never re-rack the weighs and often just leave a mess for others
    to pick up after them. No one talks to them and they talk only among themselves.
    They pickup and use our personal equipments like straps and belts without
    asking and acted offended when we want them back. Oh, well, at least they
    amuse us with their inability to correctly perform any lift and their penchant to
    strut around puff up in front of mirror after every set.

    I can only relate my own experience with Indians in the professional and social
    environments. I’m not making any generalization and I’m sure that Indians
    come in all sizes, shapes and personalities.

    • All of these comments sound familiar. Where I live in America, Indians do the exact same things. They show up at Starbucks in gangs and start talking loudly. The effect is that of a stink bomb; everyone else leaves. In the realm of the tech field, Indians will always boast and brag about their skills; and most of the time they lie about their backgrounds. That’s how they get places in the world…lying, cheating, scamming work visa’s (H-1B of course). After weaseling their way into American companies, they go all out to recruit and hire fellow illegal alien invaders from India, why discriminating against Americans. They are impossible to work with seem obsessed with showing people that they ‘know it all.’ Sure, and what major technologies came from India?

      But the truth comes out when they are by themselves in India. With no Western companies hiring them. When all their baseless arrogance, bluff, and lack of ability bounces off each other. It creates *nothing.* So the solution? Just leave and flood Western countries. Then demean the European/American local and talk up your own ‘greatness’ (which of course was ‘proved’ back home…and the reason you left in the first place).

      It just amazes me how a person could immigrate to a foreign country and not show the slightest interest in that country and culture. But Indians pull that off where ever they go. This is duly noted around the world. Leaving your own country behind and then acting all arrogant toward the people of the country to which you moved. This is a prime reason why Indians are so unpopular. And we also see Indians are pretty pathetic. You are coming from a 3rd world country that can’t hold a candle to our own – in any way, shape, or form – and yet you display arrogance. Westerners, Africans, and other peoples do NOT welcome you as immigrants and want all of you to go home.

      • You idiot. Do you know who gave the number system, the so-called Pythagoras theorem, trignometry, the value of pi, the notion of infinity (the intellectual loot started with the Greeks, like Father like Son)?? And, don’t forget plagiarism was a term invented by the West to protect the information stolen from the colonized. If we Indians did not work on these ideas, u Americans couldn’t have gone to the moon, as you claim. I agree, Indians don’t behave as per your standards. Did you treat the Native Americans properly?? Watch your tongue before you talk sh$t. Up until 1820, Europe and America were worse than third-world countries. India and China were the richest countries in the world for more than 2400 years. Sad you guys couldn’t even sustain the growth,not even for 200 years, got by robbing the brown skinned third-world countries. Your ancestors from Britian plundered Bengal to fund the Industrial Revolution. Your continent was discovered because of India, don’t flicking forget. That idiot Columbus wanted to come to India for the wealth, get it? All white beggars from Portugal, Holland, Greece, France and finally Britain dreamt of looting India and the Brits had their way. The term Dalit was given by the Brits to subvert the attention of the people from the three world famines in which more than 40 million Indians were starved to death. It is your moral responsibilty coming from the same Anglo-Saxon hound race to welcome those people on whose money and intelligence your so-called modern science and society are based. Carl Jung, Freud, Husserl, Heidegger, Neitzsche all took ideas from India. Wait for another 100 years. We will eat you morons. Even today, the intellectual loot takes place in the name of Christian yoga, Aveda and so on. White guys better watch before they talk ethics and good behaviour. Did the Brits, Spanish, Portugese and the French treat the Africans, Aborigenes, the Maoris the right way??? Our women, even during colonial (sordid) times, attended university as early as 1878 much before Brit women. So, moral of the story is : shut up and accept Indians or if you really feel bad, come out in the open and give the official list of the wealth obtained from colonial rule and the intellectual loot of the knowledge of the non-Europeans. Ready??

      • Boy, if you ever come to our country, we will kick your butt so hard that you will find it difficult to sit on the morning chair.

      • Kumar is another example of a pathetic loser Indian.

    • The same thing is happening in Singapore, where indians and many other Foreign Talents (aka. Trash) come in with all kinds of fake documents and qualifications.

      • Kumar you are the biggest idiot I. The world, the world isn’t a stupid preschool like you think, if countries “played nice” with each other then every person on the planet would be living in a slum, even India had to loot its past wealth from someone, you can’t make wealth out of thin air, the British were right to invade India because India was and still is a country full of uncivilized dogs like you, who make lots of noise in the world, but have nothing to show for it. India may have created the number system, but the. What? Western countries created physics, the theory of relativity, electricity, computers, space shuttles, and phones, you wouldn’t have typed that if it weren’t for America you moron

  5. “The difference is that we lecture everybody and try to make others feel that they are unfortunately, stupid! People resent that, as we have very little to show for. ”

    I completely disagree with that. I see it the other way around. If somebody comes up to you, points a finger at you about your flaw, when clearly they have several, then please expect to get a lecture! For example, somebody asked me about how Indian men resent women becoming independent in India. I can’t speak for rural India, but I grew up in the metros and so responded from that standpoint. You bet he got a lecture for a condescending question like that, which ended with that’s why we had our first Indian woman prime minister in the 70′s and the US still hasn’t had one.

    There is nothing wrong with standing up for your culture and explaining it to people. Explaining doesn’t equate to lecturing.

    • umm no actually we have nothing to show, almost every modern invention or ideal has been from the west, and first woman prime minister? thats irrelevant considering the state of woman in most parts of india even during the 90s and early 2000s.

      most Indians are just patriotic fools who feel the need to express how “Great their Culture is” all the time, yeah yeah weve heard it all before “worlds oldest civilization”…”Largest democracy”…

      but in reality that amounts to nothing because after 3000 years of civilization we have been unable to produce what the west did in 300 years.

      bottom line Uneducated patriotic indians really need to shut up.


      im indian before you go on saying

      “Arre he is Racist! see these Immoral dogs! disrespecting our culture and traditions!”

      • the truth is something u haven’t encountered till yet. figures like 3000, 300 200 10000 bc ad fg ko whatever doesn’t really converts a fiction into a fact. the sole problem with u guyz is that u just rely on what that idiot box tells u & doesn’t really bother to gather the facts or even try to figure out a logic behind all what is said, except to blindfolded follow a myth that u r the most cutting-edge product manufactured by God & sons limited. that’s the reason u just adopt to a belief towards others but hate it equally when these “OTHERS” look at u through the same microscope.

      • well said Paul. am Indian and i feel the same way.. time to accept the arrogance, loudness& meanness. proud of the place but not of the people as said by Rahul

      • Paul; Dude, U got my respect.

        I mean So far, I have jus been hearing shit. I have been to NZ and have come back to india, jus to see the same shit that I left. Even worse. I mean come on guys, have u ever heard of something called a Negative Criticism? If u feel a white guy is criticizing you, hey, he is actually finding the faults that we already have and is somehow indicating that we, as a HUMAN, need to grow the fuck up……………. Ohkay, now start calling me an Ungrateful Indian and start giving me lectures on how great our culture is blah blah. But we all know the reality guys.

        And talking bout our culture, man, Shit like Casteism and Honor killing, is still getting worse, if you guys don’t believe it, check out the latest stats. Jus because we act like idiots and jus keep our asses sticking to temples all the time, we don’t become great people.

        Simple words like Excuse me, thank you, sorry etc. are something we never find coming out of anyone’s mouth. We don’t mind if sm1 is talking on fone or whatever, but if we are getting late, he should be obliged to tell us the directions or time or whatever crap.

        So, does that makes us great?

        I disappointingly say that all the abovesaid comments are true. Without naming the community, I know a community that over-exaggerates even the minutest of the activity and goes around boasting in the world. I belong to that community and i know it better.
        I mean, what is there to boast about? Why can’t we jus live like others and give everyone a chance? Mind you guys, you are the immigrants, so why not acting like one?

        There is so much garbage that i see everyday in india, being an indian and not even a single regret for it. (By garbage, i mean both the filth on road and in our fickle minds).

        Ohkay, how many of us really work on our language? i don’t think even a handful. and then when we get mocked for the strange accents we speak, we are the first to shout “he is a racist/ she is a racist.” Guys, I have worked on my language after trying hard. thats why i can say it.

        So, Before you guys can start finding fault in others and still staying there like leeches, decide yourself, why you are being the target? why not someone else?

  6. Living in Africa,Originally Indian…I agree to some extent,everyone believes that Indians are talented,intelligent & can manage even in hell & of course business minded….but on the other side,we’re arrogant I’ve seen Indian bosses how they treat with juniors,u beat ur own child,talking loudly & senseless,even I’ve realized they also dont like others,whatever u do it shows the image of whole country & specially on bad activities it always gets noticed & last but not least we always put in our minds that we’ve the best culture & tradition so wherever we go,we dont respect for others culture,even if i try to do something different from other Indian,they’d call me stupid & also hate me,they are proud on their cheapness & the worst part is they’ll feel proud if u call them cheap….I’m Indian & proud of my country but not citizens

  7. I have realized to which extent indians are treated. I believe that just because a few of one race are arrogant and boastful, it does not mean that the whole race is bad. yes, there are annoying Indians, but they are people too. I have many Indian friends. If you pick the right ones, they are loyal, kind and caring. I don’t know what I would do without them.
    They like to have their own customs, just like you and me. Yes, they are smart too. A bit too smart at some points. Maybe they brag. I personally don’t like braggers. And not all of them have a PhD as somebody stated. Ok then. So they brag. GET OVER IT. i mean, I dont know about you, but if i got a PhD, id be the happiest girl on earth. Geez!
    I have read each and every one of your posts. I think that you were just unlucky to meet the undesirable ones and therefore you are hating on the whole race. C’ mon people. That’s childish behavior. There are good ones out there. Do not make generalizations on the whole race because of a few idiots in your town. Wow.

  8. @Kari

    You have Indian friends while many here have Indian co-workers or managers. They are probably treating you as one of their own, but wait until you get a Indian boss.

    “They like to have their own customs, just like you and me” If their customs are being rude and arrogant, that’s not like me at all.

    “Yes, they are smart too” Among highly educated people, Indians are not really that smart. If they are, they would have realized that there are smart people from other countries too and thus be much less arrogant. And Ph.D is just a degree. Bragging about Ph.D is just a sure sign of a smart ass.

    To answer another poster’s question of why the west has many Indian immigrants, it’s because while Indians treat their perceived inferiors badly, they also kiss up their perceived superiors, mostly their boss. They can switch their modes almost instantly.

    Finally I have to say this kind of behavior is not unique to Indians or to all Indians. But it seems to have become the dominating factor that other people would perceive.

  9. I am a white Anglo saxon Australian and I have always been very tolerant of any different racial groups and religious persuasions, even if I don’t agree with them. But a number of experiences in the past 5 years (2 car accident where the at fault drivers, both Indian tried to be dishonest, 1 situation where I was abused on my doorstep for not wanting to change electricity plans) plus countless run ins with taxi drivers over fare disputes, I have slowly formed a view that alot of Indians are very self serving, dishonest arrogant and generally not very nice people, unless of course, it is in their own best interests to be nice.

    • Generally speaking, that has been my experience also. But I also have met some very nice Indian people that are humble, warm and sincere. Personally, I have found the Indians that believe in and practise the caste system are the ones that are most arrogant and self serving. There are two Indian women that I work with, one is a joy to be around and I love being with her, the other is annoying, rude, loud mouthed and thinks she is Miss Superior. What a contrast!

      • Jac you are 100% right. people who practice caste system are the ones who are arrogant and dishonest because it considered ok to even kill people from lower caste. so they feel its ok to cheat, lie or treat people like something that stuck to their shoes because thats exactly what they are used to doing back home. they dont respect anyone unless they are from the higher class (FYI all other countries are considered lower class since they dont have class system) thats exactly why they would never allow marriage with another nationality. what a shame.. am ashamed of this system.. am ashamed of this really. .. beautiful place with beautiful history and civilization stuck with ugly minds.. i dont ever want to go back there again..

  10. Oh can you just stop being so mean. We are all people from different worlds. Indian reality is different from the west. We have to fight against poverty and hunger. We have not heard a good word from another mortal. We are so busy being rude to each other that we don’t know what is nice. We haven’t seen nice ever. Indians don’t have to brag they just have to put their head down and work. They are hardworking and intelligent.

    • “Indians are hardworking and intelligent” Hmmm thats interesting, since when is a race of people intelligent?

      Oh, yeah I forgot..the Nazis, they were intelligent, superior and thought they were the best and most racially pure people on earth.

      Indians are no more or less intelligent than any other race on the planet. We all have the same Brain just some of us use it better than others :)

    • Sorry to disappoint u hon but i think, i’ll go with Rose hea. I mean, look at urself, why r u in Canada? Opportunities? hmmmm, but what about the life style? what about the manners? oh while talking manners, u should start of looking at the very groceries stores 1st. The poor guy, behind the counter, gets so confused that he has to literally get into an argument with people to tell them to wait, on a daily basis.

      Same is the case with Bus Stops, railway stations, everywhere. And the worst thing is, people know that what they are doing is wrong, but instead of saying sorry, they feel proud of it, when they gets away with it.

      So, rose, isn’t being mean yaar, she is jus being true. And i respect your thoughts aswell, shows, how emotionally balanced u r. I appreciate that, but if we keep honking our horns about our culture and everything, we’ll jus make a fool out of ourselves.

      Poverty and hunger are nothing to be ashamed of, coz there is no such country with a 100% “We are the best, in everything” record. But yeah, Ignorance and hypocrisy is something, we should be ranked on TOP. And not to mention, blind nationalism and Religiousness are the icing on this cake of shit, we have.

      So, I think, its jus that, WE, as individuals, should not indulge in any such stuff that can bring down the name of our country. And thats the best we can do. We can’t take responsibility of all those “I am an Indian and i don’t Give a F%#k” people. So yeah ;)

  11. Canadians have been great to me. Thanks for that!

  12. I think JEWS were .. the most dislikes people ..

  13. I am an Indian living outside of India for many years and I have many non indian friends. And I can say for sure that though people respect our abilities also fear us for that, feel jealous.. yet liking is a different thing. Forget about Americans, they dont like anyhting that is does not talk their talk and walk their walk (read McDonalds and Baseball). But still, our faults include:
    A Closed mind. We know what we know – most of which is half correct. We dont question nor are we inquisitive. If anyone asks – why indians dont eat beef, 90% are offended and that is because they themselves do not knoe the correct answer!
    Majority of indians show little respect for their surroundings and culture of the foriegn land they have been given a chance to inhabit.
    We sit behind our wall and are hypocrites. Indians love the openess of the west. Going to the clubs incognito and hypocritical to admit it!
    We dont understand our own culture, we will not see it in the light of other cultures and reflect what maybe improved. No, on the contrary we will try to lecture others of their fails.
    Admit it, if our culture was so great, we would be the most powerful country.
    And lastly personal hygiene! Many indians in the IT industry – mostly bachelor men, display a repulsive lack of hygiene! Coming to office without bath, with BO .. Horrible.
    Just some of the things I have seen as shortcomings in Indians. We should try to broaden our minds and embrace other cultures — after all that is what Hindutva is all about isn’t it?

    • I would have to agree with you.Coming from u being an indian itself ,its more relevant.I’m part indian(from my dads side).I was brought up in usa and unlike other immigrant families,we interacted with caucasians a lot and integrated.n
      Nevertheless I respected india like I respected all cultures.I had to move to india when I was 12 and that was the beginning of the nightmare for me.For 6 yrs I suffered bullying,ridicule and constant attempts to brainwash me.I’m a girl.A pretty lightskinned one.theattempts to degrade me as a girl,as a sex object,the constant bullying of me cos I was demanding better behaviour(translation:I had better stds and I pointed out what they are doing is called bullying )was horrific.somewhere along,the fact I knew who I am and cos I kept standing up for myself kept me sane.I hated them n focussed on my western upbringing.once I turned 18,I left for europe and then usa on my own and never looked back.I escaped.I can assure indian/pakistani immigrants are amongst the worst and cheapest people.I’m ashamed of my ancestry.I stay away from indians and mix only with other races.I don’t hate them so much anymore but I avoid them as much as I can.they are cheap,play extensive manipulative. Games,mooch off others,will do anything for money,dirty and unhygienic.its useless to confront them.they are scared of taking responsibility for their own shit.the person who confronts them is seen as ‘troublemaker’.I find it hard to believe all this is solely cos of caste system

      • Sorry my dear you had to go through all this. Don’t hate them really. They haven’t known any better. Forgive and forget.

  14. The underlying problem with all of your experiences comes from lack of education especially “integrity”. Keep in mind that all races lack integrity to some degree, I’m South African indian and i have had experiences with all races that are similar to the ones you complained about above. I have learned that the root of this attribute of an individual (of any race) lies with fundamental education. Yes people, the ones you have had encounters with unfortunately was not educated about integrity.

    Integrity is something that majority of indians arent exposed to in their passage to adulthood as the culture/tradition does not teach this at all. Indians only know the rule of “try to become the best you can to make your parents proud of you no matter what you have to do to get there” and yes from youth they are only exposed to people of this caliber around them and hence they adopt these ways unto adulthood.
    I fully agree it is wrong that they behave in this way but i think we all have a duty (as educated people) to teach them about integrity. You can still achieve your goal by playing fair with your colleague or opponent in the business world, just try to have high integrity about yourself and people will learn to respect and love you.
    Unfortunately many of you reading this will also not fully understand the integrity concept but hey, you are human after all. :-),

    Just remember that if 1 treats you in an improper way than what you are used to, then it simply means that they have not been educated in the manner that you were, and perhaps you should educate them as to what is acceptable & trouble-free manners of behaving ;-),

    Just like whites(Caucasians), blacks, chinese, japanese, coloureds etc. there are many whom behave like in un-acceptable ways, and indians are no different. Whats makes the difference is what education we have experienced that make us whom we are :-),

    Have a great day all…& educate!

    • I hear u.I am trying to be an educator.I’m starting to learn that some people of low integrity though are not worth it.They don’t want high stds.its more work for them.why work hard in taking responsibility for your life when people who take such things will do it?I think intolerance in society should not be discouraged completely.its one thing when someone is genuinely ignorant or comes from a messed up upbringing/education.But some people are just bullshitting and plain lazy.

    • Intergration has been a major power factor of Indian tradition. Unlike weat with it’s nuclear family architecture, the Indian scenario boasts mostly of huge joint families although many living in cities prefer the neclear form, stiil the major part of the population integrates too well in other societies. that said there had been many issues with indians working in different indian states other than the one they belong to but this is nothing but a political agenda to brainwash locals & boost favored voting. the reality is that every community finds it rather difficult to cope with another community with different traditions. for instance most christians kiss each other along with their elderly & young ones to show respect & affection where as Hindus touch feet of their elderly to show respect, while in modern era usually shake hands with siblings or embrace them & kiss the younger ones to show affection. although the ancient pre=mughal Hindu culture had been very liberal as can be seen among the southern Hindu communities of India, the northern Hindu India was influenced majorly by veiled islamic culture where women were treated like animals after invasion by mughals. even Mughals were quite liberal & fair minded to some extent when compared to modern islamic extremists & they accepted natives to be an integrtal part of their dynasties, the modern architecture of islam & it’s acceptance grew very narrow & thus Hindus followed the suit among their community. but even then Inegration not only into other communities but to diversities & inverse circumstances are also taught in the joint families, since the young age. whereas the majority of Indians who fly abroad come from metros & the Urban nuclear families of India where these preachings are hardly taught. secondly people who fly abroad had to face such a brutal competition that they actually had to cut themselves away from the society & friends, thus to prepare theselves for the exhaustive race against the time, something that brought them at your shores. while others who spent their time with their family, friends & social integrations, find it hard to get abroad facing fierce competition & inability to be hired at the international level. so the people u meet there are the ones without any friends back home either. most of these people carry a tendency to get a PR in the country they are planning to get a job in & then work non stop for say next 20-30 years so that their children doesn’t face the same so-imagined problems they faced themselves.

      • Why didn’t one of you so called educators try to educate this moron? He has no clue what meaning of integrity we have used in our discussion, the very meaning Indians don’t have in their culture.

        And no, integrity cannot be taught as it comes from within and is encouraged by evolved cultures. Integrity means you do the right thing no matter what others think or do. Real integrity can only come from real individuality, no surprise both are missing from Indian culture.

      • Generally Indian immigrants are too greedy when they are working in the West where many Indians ungratefully are earning five times what they wouldn’t do back on their own soil and and yet they bring their Indian mentality over, would live in a house full of ten people, normally devised for living quarters for three people, they will send all their money back and not reinvest in Western world or embrace the traditions and values of the soil that they are on or build sincere relationships with other races, they have no interest in engaging with your social community, they generally act like a sheep in wolves clothing. Trust them at your peril!

      • Generally Indian immigrants are too greedy when they are working in the West where many Indians ungratefully are earning five times what they wouldn’t do back on their own soil and and yet they bring their Indian mentality over, would live in a house full of ten people, normally devised for living quarters for three people, they will send all their money back and not reinvest in Western world or embrace

  15. Its very rich of caucasians and Indians who are wannabe caucasians criticise Indians for being loud, overbearing etc. So when caucasians sent their armies across the globe and invade and murder civilisations, is that a sign of a friendly, well mannered, largehearted etc people? I dont think so.
    To the spineless Indian origin persons who love to criticise Indians, I wont call you Indians because you dont deserve to be called Indians. You obviously dont know Indian history or you would know of Indian scientific, architectural, mathematic and linguistic achievements.
    If caucasians can be proud of themselves, surely we can too since the tides are turning now. The future is in India and some other NON caucasian nations.
    At the end of the day, the racism, resentment and increasing jealousy of caucasians is very apparent. Unfortunately for you, your time at the top of the globe is running out, time to move over, its our turn.

    • Lol indians if they ever get ahead will only be in few spheres like IT and stuff, and even if india somehow manages to get ahead in all spheres, the people ideas and thoughts are backwards in contrast to western countries. Indians will still be Unoriginal, Loud and Crass…thats not something that can change by mere education or economic improvement… Indians need to be educated in Etiquette and proper Behavior since most people behave like they just walked out of a tribe.

      • the ideas of the dominating becomes the trend of the dominated. so a backward idea for now could be the space-age truth of the future. who knows?

    • your need to return to india to have your turn! America accepts all cultures.The problem with indians is that they don’t want to assimilate. For this reason don’t come to america. you don’t fit in. broaden your horizons and live your life in your country your way.americans would never try to change a culture in another country. you all come here and cause problems for civilized people. don’t try to change our world because you will never succeed. americans rule here
      . you will never have your turn!

      • That is the problem, Did you accept the ways of the Native Americans?? Thanks to your righteous Christian upbringing, you are made to think that you are the best and whatever you have done till now is pathbreaking. Well I don’t mean to beliitle your contributions. But take this. If white guys are so brainy, they would not have accepted Christianity in the first place. It took them 1600 years to shirk it off and then become scientific and progressive. Behaviour is based on social standing. Once people acquire the necessary social conditions, they will adapt their behaviour to suit the wealth accumulated. Since kindness, nicety can be interpreted in many ways, it is wrong to point your finger at any one race. Americans don’t rule anywhere, they suck outside the U.S. We see that in Afghanistan and Iran. Life goes on while the Iranians and the Afghans show you the middle finger. Don’t forget that America was shit poor at the turn of the 19th century. This growth from the 30′s has hardly lasted till 2008. That’s it. Did you know America is the most indebted and the weakest economy in the world ? You guys sleep with a thousand women even after getting married and don’t have families. Your economy runs on the savings of Japanese, the Indians ( have given 90 million dollars to the U.S) and the Chinese. Since Japanese and Chinese economies are export oriented, they pay you to buy their goods. What an irony?? All your financial and economic policies are useless. See there u guys suck to pay back your loans. Know stuff before you open your gob. Bottomline: teach the Indians proper behaviour, as I am sure Christians and ex-christians who consider themselves the most divine and righteous are dutybound to teach the heathen Hindus. Be patient. Be Christian. God (the Asians) Bless failing America.

      • Hi, do you have any idea, what your white ancestors had done to the native American population? If you had the answer, then you would not have posted the above comment. But it is not your fault though,since most Americans are High School drop outs, and your knowledge of the past is so insufficient.

  16. ” I was 34 years old when I came to America…”

    Didn’t know America was a country…

  17. Wow. Thank you Sajith for proving everyones point. Your overbearing attitude and arrogance in your own post is the kind of attitude that inspired this blog. You may be angry about what’s being said here but what you’re really hating is the truth. When I was 4 months pregnant and driving home from work, I got the worst case of morning sickness and had to stop in the parking lot of a 7 eleven. The owner came out and I told him that I needed help. I needed an ambulance. It turned out that I had a condition that required me to be on IV. The owner told me I was bad for business and that I had to leave. I had to drive myself to emergency. He could have offered to call someone for me. Even the police would have been more caring. The owner was Indian.The town that I lived in had several Indian people in it. Every single one that I came across was cheap, had a staring problem, and was rude. I called the IRS, and a woman told me that she was Indian and her and her Indian friends were smarter than me just because I could not remember the time zone. Well that is what being pregnant and on IV everyday will do to a person. I finally moved to a different town. Indian people are now moving to my town. I was approached by an Indian family who asked me to leave a park because I had my puppy husky, who was on a leash, with me and they did not like dogs. I of course said no. Are all Indian people arrogant. No. My childrens doctor is Indian and I love him. He is the best, but to be honest I am sick of the arrogance. I go into the post office, and the manager, who is Indian stands there and stares. It’s rude to stare. I was born and raised in the U.S. We have a huge mixture of nationalities. Several coming in and competing for the American dream. I have never come across more arrogance in a single race than I have seen in Indian people. It’s not the American dream that they need, it a little humble pie!

    • Melanie

      I know exactly what you mean and its not just in the US even here in India they’re the same, I always feel that it was a mistake to be born Indian and wish i could have been born in a place where people dont stare, talk loudly, stare at you again if your holding hands with your Girlfriend…damn its annoying…lol and they’re proud of it… the first thing i do when i finish college is leave…fast… But its a pity people now feel that Indians in general are crude and crass… I wish 1 man could change that impression…one cannot…

      • How can you make them to understand who drink Cow Piss and eat dunk in Herbal medicine , they are even in 12 Century given a title “Arrogant” , Specially observe them in office they create a hell for fellow indian , chat non stop to fairer people and look for blondes

  18. Looks like some amazingly anti Indian experiences and feelings.
    Let us remember that there is a good reason Indians are the richest Immigrants in USA.
    Every Country they have immigrated to they have been extremely successful in every profession.
    Just remember an Immigrant to any country has only one thing…to be good at what they do and fend for themselves. There is no country in the world..that likes immigrants telling them what to do. Historically immigrants have been slaves only. For Indians they have established themselves fighting against all odds…the only way to do it….do what is right for yourself and you family…by the being the best….
    Naturally this tends to bring up arrogance. ..
    Now let us look at highly successful Caucasians in US…they are typically aggressive people who know how to get the job done and be the best.
    A country that calls football games a world cup…when it is not played internationally…let us not talk about Indians being arrogant.
    Americans are hated all over the world…they go to every country and tell them what to do…using their military might…which they gained by manipulating currency system in the world…they print money as they wish and expect the world to follow them….what do u call this?
    Don’t.. bask in the glory of 300 years…the ancient Indian culture has been tried to destroyed for the last 10000 years..looks like now it is happening truly…thanks to the Indians who have no clue of their origin and being.

    I am way to familiar with the Indians in this forum who are bad mouthing Indians…these are the Indians who could not be the best and the only way to survive as an immigrant is to bash your fellow being to be on the side of the white guy….to feel included amongst the white guys….

    Now on the comment on why India is not powerful, even though it considers itself culturally advanced…..
    India covered most of Asia and Middle east at one point of time….it was the richest for thousands of years…like every super power..it will not last forever….but the main thing that differentiates India and other super powers…their culture and heritage not only promoted a great country…but creating great individuals..who will do well no matter where they go.
    That is why you use Indians immensely successful around the world.

    Everything the west is doing now has been in Indian thousands of years ago…rockets, nuclear bombs, missiles, architectural marvels, astronomy, medicine…the list goes on….unfortunately lot of these details has gotten lost over thousands of yrs and destroyed by the west….Most recent example…shutting down Nalanda university..
    Earth is round and the diameter of earth is mentioned in puranas, but the west talks about as if they came up with it…the distance between planets etc…all in puranas…Pythagorean theorem…in puranas..medicines for diseases..all in puranas….the import
    ance of the right diet for long and healthy life…in vedas and puranas the list just goes on and on…

    Btw, if you want meet Indians who are polite etc…go to India and meet the average Indian…he/she will just as you want….very polite etc…

    But the west has achieved what they wanted…when I talk to my cousins in India, they know nothing about their culture and heritage and have become exteremely materialistic and lost…divorce cases shot up…they dont even have any respect to their culture and heritage….


    btw, I have been in the states for 12 yrs….the modern ameneties here are the best in world…it is a brand new country..compared to india that is 10000 yrs old…that by itslef has huge advantages purely in terms of modern conveniences….

    By no means I am saying US is not great…just bring RON PAUL in power and stick to the constituion and understand and follow liberty….make people and companies accountable and let the best rise and weak perish…you will see who does well and who perishes…
    this is how world is supposed to work..humans or animals.

    • Lol what’s all this crap about “jealousy of their success”?? This is just yet the same Indian arrogance displaying itself again! Indians are popular with western employers for one reason – they are cheap! I have worked with them (semiconductor) and found them disorganised, unproductive and slow, not to mention a total NIGHTMARE to work with, what with stealing other peoples ideas and blaming their own mistakes on tothers when things go wrong. They are also partisan and tribal and look out for other Indians regardless of merit – u get an Indian boss and you’re screwed – unless you’re Indian too. They are also a very uncreative lot – like they learn things by heart ok but can’t think outside the box. If they could they would have invented or discovered SOMETHING in the last 3000 years between the billion++ of them.

      The point about them being really successful etc lol go somewhere that has a history of Indian immigration an you’ll find low class, rude, smelly and high crime neighbourhoods with 10+ children per family. With numbers like that a few are bound to succeed.

      Business minded? Well, they often open corner shops and restaurants serving overpriced curry shops but it’s hardly rocket science. Where’s their google? Americans are the most business minded people on the planet, that’s a fact. I’m not American, just stating what I see. Hopefully the USA wakes up and goes back to its constitution and values before they slip off and we’re left with Indian and Chinese working cultures.

      Culture and cuisine? Stupid bollywood movies that are singing rip offs of Hollywood, music with no rhythm or melody, Everything with curry and onions. Result is they smell bad. I’m sorry, call me prejudiced but you know it’s true. They are also the dirtiest, sweatiest people I’ve ever come across. Then they have a weird sense of nationalist pride and arrogance about these things that make them even more annoying. They are the cheapest and tackiest people you’ll come across – so when they get some money it’s all about bling bling, no style or class.

      What has happened to the west that we’ve actually begun to accept this falsity that we need to look east for “real culture”?! Ffs take a look at the innovation, cuisine, music, film, architecture, lifestyle an anything else you like that’s come out of Europe. It has always been the best, and we are DESTROYING it for what? Out of some misplaced feelings of guilt. If the truth was as the media is telling us, then we would all be emigrating to eastern societies, not the other way around. It is corporatism, not capitalism, that has created this mess, and socialism will make it even worse. Go back to independent governments, sovereign states with own identities, and open free opportunity for the populations and we’ll get our lifestyles back. No more third world dumping grounds THIS IS OUR HOME! I guarantee that India et al would not accept levels of migration within their population that were even 0.1% of the levels we allow, because they are extremely RACIST! Of course with a billion people there is little danger of that ever happening to them proportionally to what we’re experiencing, but any noticeable levels at all would have them rooting in the streets. Wake the fuck up!!!!

  19. Joe, you are an idiot.

  20. Arrogant, Filthy, Talkative, Selfish, Cheap, Self-boosting etc…. these are the traits which can vary from person to person and are dependent on the circumstances in which a person lives and grows up.

    Each of those commented on Indians for the above qualities might have interacted with a maximum of 100 middle class indians. I doubt whether any of these people have interacted with anyone out of the 70% of India which is poor. It is unfair to label all those rural indians whom we do not even know with all such comments. 1.2 billion people cannot be qualified on the basis of experiences with a 100 people.

    One thing that is very strange here is that everything that is Western is the best. Unfair.

    Colonial rule has shown India the meaning of arrogance and selfishness. The crimes committed by the british in India are never fully known to the west.

    Certainly not many Indians want to live outside India. Indians may be left to their fate and their attittudes.

    Why the west want India and Indians – Simple Make money out of that market. Make money buying the services cheap.

    Is it western value to have two world wars and kill millions of its own people? 40 000 people roasted in a minute in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What is their fault. Whose arrogance is it. Certainly not that that of the common westerner. But collective silence encourages such acts.

    An individual’s behaviour, if not acceptable can be avoided by avoiding that person. How can the poor people of the planet avoid the arrogance of the might? Why the people of the mighty powers don’t question and stop such behaviour of their country?

    Peace at home country is always ensured by making enough resources available to the population. For this other countries are to be plundered. Otherwise there will be revolution even in Britain and America.

    People of the countries subjected to exploitation by the West react differently. Mention America to a Vietnamese? Though the person is not born at that time, it doesnt matter for the Vietnamese. Perception plays a lot in forming opinions.

    Bad qualities are specific to Individuals, not to people of a country as a whole.

    Why dont the west stop dumping all their contaminated waste in Africa, stop selling hazardous asbestos to India, stop buying cloths from filthy India, stop using cheap services of asian IT workers? Slavery in a different cloaked form. Are all westerners responsible for this? Certainly not.

    Attributing the qualities in general to all Indians is no different from having the same qualities.

    This is a world now made of artificial scarcity all around in all aspects of life.

  21. Hey guys be good to each other. Stop hating or being arrogant. The whites hate Indians and the Indians are arrogant. That road leads nowhere. Both are bad behaviours. Don’t discount what Indians can do.e,g in US they are authoring medical books, doing research etc. Of course we Indians can learn better ettiquette from the west. West in turn can learn some family values like caring and respecting elders. Having more tolrence to ur partner. Being less wasteful. Jesus you don’t ned 4 cars and 2 houses. You are leaving the carbon footprint equal to the rest of the world combined.

  22. You human beings are such strange creatures. You could all just live together and work for the progress of the world and the future of your children, but instead you criticise and insult one another and kill each other in senseless wars. If y’all don’t learn to live in peace and accept one another for what you are, I shall send my forces from Mars to destroy this planet.

  23. I’ve noticed a lot of stereotypes on this page. I am an Indian citizen and I still don’t know the national language. I dislike Bollywood films and our politicians are a disgrace. In all the years that I’ve lived in my country, I’ve seen good and bad, and the good always outweighs the bad. Sure, you may get certain jerks who will try to rob you of all your cash and irritate the hell out of you, but the majority of them are really nice people. If you let yourself be blinded by what your mind wants you to see you’ll never move ahead. All of you need to open up your minds. I’m sure most of the North American citizens here wouldn’t like it if they were called right wing, gun-loving rednecks. Because they know that all of them aren’t like that. I agree with what ‘SK’ above me said in his comment,though. You guys waste so much that y’all eventually screw yourselves up. Credit doesn’t go on forever. The recession has proven that. America is not God. Americans are disliked everywhere they go too, because they don’t give a damn about other cultures, all they care about is oil and money(and their own culture!). And with regards to the behaviour of Indians in Australia, I don’t think that that’s any motivation for the violent crimes committed against them. There is something called self control and tolerance. We Indians practise that a lot. Even though our country faces a huge problem of communalism, we have learnt to tolerate and respect one another. If the Australian government is so against Indians, they should ban them from Australia. Considering the amount of Indians that are leaving Australia or just don’t want to go there, you can tell that the Australian economy is suffering. We keep getting these stupid Australia tourism ads with wannabe Indians saying how kind, magnanimous and giving the Australian people are. I don’t think so. Now go ahead, call me a ‘patriotic fool’. I couldn’t care less, because I love my country. Is there something so wrong in that?

    • Indian citizien ‘Graham’ says: ‘Considering the amount of Indians that are leaving Australia or just don’t want to go there, you can tell that the Australian economy is suffering’
      Ridiculous. Australia is doing well and Europeans are moving there.
      Your statement is another example of the wild and sensationalistic statements that Indians often throw around. Actually saying that because apparently Indians don’t want to go to Australia (which isn’t true) or are leaving (a nice thought) that the economy is suffering. So the economy of Australia hinges upon Indian migrant aliens. That’s CRAZY! Australia did just fine before Third World (i.e. INDIA) immigration began 40 years ago. It’s doing fine now with it’s well-known mining companies, among others. The people are well-known for being friendly and civil. They aren’t well-known for having rotten body odor (hint).

      ‘Americans are disliked everywhere they go too, because they don’t give a damn about other cultures, all they care about is oil and money(and their own culture!). ‘
      And what Americans have you met in India? We have TV shows here that raise money for orphaned and cleft-lipped kids in India. Do Indians ever raise money for causes for other cultures? No, because they’re too selfish and lazy. Americans and Europeans do indeed make friends and connections in the foreign lands they visit, depending on length of stay too. We are more curious and friendly than you people. Indians are famous for being totally aloof and in their own little tribal, clannish world. Everyone notices this the world over, and it’s been written about by legions of people in different continents over a long period of time. Guess what, that’s a national trait….just accept the fact (I know it’s difficult for Indians to accept concrete truth. You have to fight and argue everything. Being *difficult to deal with*…very Indian too).

      And if the good outweighs the bad in India, then why are there huge lines of people every day trying to get out?

      I do agree with one statement of Graham: The Australian government should ban Indians.

      • The reply by ‘Robert Clive’ just makes me laugh. It proved several of the points I wanted to make. But I guess he already knows that higher education is Australia’s third-biggest export sector, worth $17 billion a year. For Victoria, education is the number
        one source of foreign income at $4.5 billion a year. The total
        number of Indians studying there was down by 5 per cent in 2010 compared to 2009, about 1500 students, when the numbers from other major source countries were up. With the total average economic benefit to Australia of about $34,000 per student per year, this means an annual cost of about $50 million. Indian enrolments were down in 2010
        by 40 per cent compared to 2009. But the potential cost is much bigger than this suggests.


        And it is only in recent months that the number of students has actually increased.
        So these ‘third world’ Indians are an integral part of the Australian economy whether you like it or not. Australians should bear in mind that unless proven otherwise, the Indian immigrants are still legal citizens of the country and should be treated as such. If they understand this and still commit crimes against them, it’s pure racism.


        Again, I stress the fact that there is NO justification for the violent crimes against Indians. If Australians are irritated by the behaviour of Indians, either tolerate it, or report it to the police. That’s what civilised human beings do. But stabbing and murdering? Even people in failed states don’t do that.
        Most of the Americans that I have come across have been rude, arrogant, treat anyone who’s not from their country like dirt (unless there is some financial deal involved) and abuse like hell if they don’t get their way. They seem to think that everybody is their servant. They feel that since the people that they deal with don’t speak English, it is alright to abuse them and laugh at them. If you want to know what the world thinks about Americans, Google ‘Why are Americans…’ and see the majority of results that auto complete gives you. And if money is raised to help ‘orphans’ and ‘cleft-lipped’ kids, it is only for the purpose of bringing glory to those TV shows and to portray them in a good light so the gullible people actually fall for them and in turn, the ratings rise. If you really intend on doing something with a good heart, don’t tell the world about it. Besides, India is still a developing country, so it’s understandable that it’s priority is helping it’s own people, which we do. There are countless NGOs that provide help to the backward classes, women and children. These NGOs secure the support of the people by going to schools, colleges and offices and discussing the various problems they deal with. Thus people donate money and offer the help required to run these organisations. In some places the government works hand in hand with these NGOs and even funds them. And since India is a multi cultural country, technically, we do raise money for the causes of other cultures. Incidentally, the World Bank and IMF feel that the economic boom in China and India will help more than two-thirds of developing countries meet a 2015 goal of reducing poverty and hunger. It looks like we’re cleaning up the mess a certain western country created.

        In spite of all this, I still believe in keeping an open mind about people from all countries. Because I know that, in most cases, it is a handful of idiots that give a bad name to an entire country. And the people who judge are usually the ones who are the most narrow minded.

      • just for example:

        Donation to Harward

        Contribution to Large Hadron Collider

        And currently discovered higgs-boson particle’s connection
        (if you understand science)

        I know it won’t be of much help to your diseased brain but I just wanted to put the facts. :)

      • Robert Clive, is America really raising so much money for kids in India? I doubt that. Get your facts right. You seem to be just another ignorant under-educated westerner.

    • Seriously joker the australian economy is suffering because of you smelly indians!!!
      Australia has the best economy in the world at the moment and its not because of you beggar indians !!! Why the fuck u want to come here we don’t want your smelly arses here!! Go and beg in your country!!

      • Ya, and they tend to go to other countries with fake documents and certificates. Stealing our jobs …

  24. Wrong, ‘Graham.’ You’re are exhibiting the same arrogance that people always associate with Indians. Again, to state that the Australian economy is suffering (which it isn’t) because of a drop in Indian students is totally ridiculous. But a very Indian statement as well, and this further explains why Indians are so disliked, the whole topic of this forum. So you just solidify what everyone is saying.

    Further looking at this arrogance…it also reveals a deep hatred of Australia and for White people in general. An outsider mentality. Yet we in the West are supposed to take in more people of this toxic mentality. The statement is also lacking in intelligence, is extremist, and attempts to make Western countries appear ‘dependent’ on Indians. Really funny, when the per capita income of India is below many Latin American banana republics. You have ZERO to be arrogant about. And yet you people habitually come up with these grandiose statements while your own house is undesirable and holds no desire for anyone, except the poorest of Asia.

    Australia is a wonderful country and has always done well. People want to move there. Who wants to move to India?

    The case system is rotten, where the so-called ‘higher’ castes routinely look down on the so-called ‘lower’ castes. So when these ‘higher’ castes (self-delusional, rude, arrogant, silly people) go overseas, they naturally try to look down on the locals. It makes them feel better. Comes naturally to them. And what also comes natural is for the host society to look upon the aliens as offensive, standoffish, smelly, unwelcome, and profoundly DUMB for having these uncivil behaviors and thoughts in the first place.

    Finally, what’s good or not good for Australia is for the Australians to decide. Not Marxist journalists or Indians who don’t like the country in the first place. Guarantee that if a 1,000 Australians were polled about immigration, all 1,000 of them would want the unwanted aliens to leave.
    Case closed.

  25. The fact that I search and found your blog shows how this topic is relevant to me. I’ve worked in the US technology sector for over a decade, and not surprisingly have had contacts with Indian expatriates, many of whom came to the US for higher education.

    I found your remark spot on: “The difference is that we lecture everybody and try to make others feel that they are unfortunately, stupid!”

    This has happened quite often, in different situations, that I’ve wondered if it is a national trait. Sure, we all say “Hey let’s not judge.” But the reality is, national traits do exist. Some of these are good, other qualities are not so.

    Anyhow, the point is it’s come to the degree that I’m consciously catching myself from stereotyping Indian expatrates. Part of me would like to believe that, like all people, Indians are decent, and worthy of respect, and that I can learn to like and work with them. But honestly, it’s really getting harder to do so as time goes by.

    I’d like to believe that my experiences are isolated cases, but judging from your blog there appears to be more to this.

    Kudos for having the courage to speak out about this. We all have blindspots; it’s useful to get feedback, however painful it may be, and resolve to change.

    • Sorry about that buddy. Not sure whether its the competitive environment in people bringing out the negative traits. Anyway I hope my colleagues in Canada are not having the same issues. I just try to do my work and enjoy my holidays and take care of my family. FYI I was almost duped by a white Canadian who tried to rip me off 50% of my earnings as a radiologist by getting me to sign an agreement. That is a lot of money. I am brown. He would not have dared to do it to any other white Canadian. I was a new immigrant. I let him have 10% so he could save face. I am ashamed I even did that. My family`s future was at stake and thats my excuse and I wanted him to have a chance to judge me by my work which came highly recommended from appropriate offices. That is a lot of money and its a terrible thing to do to a newcomer. So basically anybody can be good or bad regardless of race or color. On the other hand I found many white Canadians go out of their way to help me fit in at work and home. So I shall not paint them with the same brush. So take it easy. Live and let live… Don`t make anybody feel inferior coz be sure there are some fingers pointing back at you. Racism exists but of course we can ignore that to a point. Also appreciate the good in people and it will make them people and us as a species more peaceful.

  26. A great Indian saint Sri Adi Sankaracharya told

    ” A lot can be learned from a culture by what they eat.”

    you should know that 90% of Indians are vegetarians. westerners knows what they eat?.

  27. you people call us filthy, dirty, arrogant and still wants us to be calm! very good folks

  28. I consider myself a very racially tolerant person, but Indians are the ONLY race that I have trouble in tolerating. Its the speed in which they talk and the accent that irritates me, however I’m able to put up with that, no problem. BUT its the other things about Indians that get me fired up. Try and have a conversation with them.. they are highly competitive, know it all, arrogant, and have this I’m right your wrong attitude that I hate. In my work I deal with a lot of Indians and they all have the same terrible attributes.

    If I could give Indians some advice on how to interact with people in your newly adopted country it would be this: Slow down your speech, STOP, listen and let people have their say too. Dont talk about yourself so much, dont brag. just try to be HUMBLE. Be a listener and not a talker. EMBRACE the culture and customs of the country you have adopted!

    You CANNOT continue to act and talk the same as you did in India, it wont work, people will not respect you if you carry on the same way. RELAX, be humble and listen and you will quickly gain the respect of your peers and you may even make some new friends. Morph yourself into a typical person in your adopted country.. like they say, when in Rome do as the Romans.. INTEGRATION is the word.

    Cheers JAC (Australia)

  29. In recent times there has been a lot of noise been made about Indian students being beaten in Melbourne. It would appear that some people dislike Indians so much they now want to beat them. Much has been said about this on TV in Australia and India. Indians over the world are outraged, disgusted and angry.

    I dont know if the beatings are race based. I would doubt that. Many people are being beaten on city streets at night, not just Indians. But I do concede that Indians may present as an easy target for street hooligans.

    But this reminds me of the plight of the dalits (untouchables) in India, so hated and looked down upon that they are frequently beaten by upper caste youths. The caste system is apartheid, a form of racism supported by Hinduism.

    Does Indian TV report about the large amount of Dalits beatings on their city streets? India does not want to admit that race segregation and degradation is alive and well in India.

    I can assure you that very few Dalit students are being beaten on the streets of Melbourne. Thats because in their own country they are not ALLOWED to rise to the level that would enable them to study overseas.

    Some food for thought?

  30. Racist Rant!!!

    Some seriously insecure Indians and some knuckleheads in here..!! IMHO.. Indians are not the most hated nor the most aloof nor any of the things that u mention here.. When u live overseas, if u aint indigenous ur an ALIEN..!! Its as simple as that.. Some aliens integrate better than others.. This adaptation is an individual skill and differs from person to person.. So stop the hate and spread love..!!

  31. I too have had experiences with Indians who might be first generation here in the US or who have H-1B visa status–this visa status alone is enough to inflate their sense of importance, “I’m a professional working here in the US because they can’t find Americans who are as qualified as I am,” is the typical response–as thought his were true. Another is “All Indians are educated, we all have college degrees,” oh yeah? What about the high percentage of illiteracy and all those picking up garbage for a living? “They don’t count,” is the response.
    This is in psychological terms compensation for deep feeling of inferiority due to the current conditions of extreme poverty and the history of being colonized by foreign powers. To be associated with a people who have been seen as inferior and then to have the opportunity to try and boost one’s ego through the humiliation of others is a logical consequence of this state of mind of deep rooted feeling of inferiority…

  32. ‘Nex’ makes a great point: “To be associated with a people who have been seen as inferior and then to have the opportunity to try and boost one’s ego through the humiliation of others is a logical consequence of this state of mind of deep rooted feeling of inferiority…”

    That hits it right on about indians. Always yapping about how ‘professional’, ‘educated’, and ‘great’ they are. Riiiiight…and there isn’t a single world-class indian firm, *anywhere.* Sleazy outsourcing firms don’t count. How many indians – educated solely in india – have won Nobel Prizes?

    But it’s not necessarily the lack of outstanding talent/achievements, the lack of any known companies/institutions…as Nex made light of, it’s the offensive and low-class behavior of indian peoples in foreign lands that so irritates people. And from people who could neither obtain nor create jobs in their own land. So the next logical step is to shamelessly flee, play the work visa game – rife with fraud – and then demean the local people while inflating your own sense of worth. indians can’t seem to break out of this pattern.

    Western nations have to reduce the flow to a virtual trickle. indian migrants don’t serve our national interests, and often go completely against them. Who needs this annoyance.

    • Well said. I am Indian by birth but I grew up in UAE. Due to serious family problems I don’t want to go into here I became estranged from my family and am practically an outcast now. I feel the exact way you have written and I stayed away from most Indians in UAE and in the 15 yrs of hell that my stepmom has managed to impose on me in India.

      Proud to say that I have not become a disgusting creature like the rest of Indians. I made a wow not to change and have stuck with it.

      I felt very very alone because it seemed i was the only one who could see through their lies and bullshit. But good to know that some other people see it too.

      • hi, you are brave and you are not alone.
        with your self-responsability you are able to adopt to every culture.
        so you’re very welcome in EU or everywhere, where race or nationality doesn’t matter.

  33. I work for a company that is run by Indians and is headquartered out of the U.S. Truth is, our company’s funding is U.S. based but 90% of employees are in the India offices.

    I can’t take these people much longer, they are rude, self-serving, they lie, cheat, do whatever is necessary to get ahead. It’s an ugly culture, I can’t wait to find a better job and get out of here once and for all!

  34. Indians may be stupid, stinky, and even arrogant according you great half Indians, white, black and other non Indians…at least they don’t claim social security when they are 33,stand in unemployment lines, father children who they cannot support, terrorize, call the final game played by 50 states within THEIR own country as the world cup!

    Indians may be arrogant, useless, or even not as Sophisticated as the rest of world…but remember they have something that none can take away….SUCCESS… That alone is enough or evident that all you “wonderful” souls have to take 15mins of your precious lives to log on and make a comment on the blog…

    As long you do this…they win..they are under your skin and they rule your hatred and while still finish their curry dinner is countries other than own!

    • DS, it’s this blind attachment to ‘success’ that gives Indians a terrible name. My family moved to the US when I was 10 and I visited India for the first time two months ago. It was hell. Even on the flight there, the Indian passengers were loud, obnoxious, didn’t pay attention to the hostesses or the captain, and stank so bad. Despite their behavior on the plane, Indians in India generally fell head-over-heels to serve me and make me comfortable. While I appreciated their efforts for me, I noticed that they treated Indians around them like DIRT. It was disgusting. They also had no respect for rules and authority. The authorities themselves had no respect for basic rules – government officials don’t begin work till 10 and leave at 2 (making sure to get a solid 2 hour lunch during which time they’re completely unavailable).

      As I was growing up, my parents always spoke highly of India. I grew up with a lot of “India is the best country in the world. We had [insert anything] before anyone else did until the British stole/destroyed it.] However, I’ve noticed that even they have changed their opinion recently.

      I think Indian officials need some integrity and the general population needs to stop trying to immigrate and fix the problems at home instead. I’ve noticed that most of the replies by Indian nationals on here are defensive. Instead of taking everything said personally and going on the defensive, it might be better to calm down and try to figure out why everyone hates us.

      As for me, it’s really depressing when someone judges me and avoids/bad mouths me even before I open my mouth. Instead of being insular and tribal, which I often see even 2nd and 3rd generation Indians doing, I try to be outgoing and friendly and try to be honest about my culture and India’s past. Yeah, we had great times, Mohenjo Daro and Harappa, Bose, chess, cloth, numbers, tons of math and medicine (including inoculation and plastic surgery), and lots of scientific discoveries (Raychaudhuri equation, Ramachandran plots, bosons, the Bose-Einstein equation). But every country has things they are proud of. Indians cling to the distant past like it has some immense bearing on their present when it has none (yet, for some reason, most of the historical buildings I saw in Kolkata were in total disrepair and completely run-down or destroyed. People in the West would definitely preserve and update those buildings as a sign of pride in the past. It’s totally hypocritical).

      I think Indians overseas need to learn that the colonial mindset is gone. No one’s out to get us without reason. We supply the ammunition when we’re mean, insular, loud, dirty, and generally obnoxious. We need to stop being defensive about it and try to fit in while preserving our culture at the same time.

  35. I am an Indian and I somehow accept to what people from other nationalities say about Indians. India is a beautiful country with rich resources unfortunately it’s a couple of Indian people who are making it dirty because of corruption and arrogant attitude.

    No matter what ever you tell Indians they wouldn’t accept it, because of their pride or ego but I don’t know what that is for.

    I have lived abroad and travelled to a couple Western, European and Asian countries. When I was abroad I have observed that Indians don’t even smile at another fellow Indian (like they are jealous or something). And some white people hate Indians (because they feel Indians are stealing their job or dirty or arrogant) but not all of them.

    India is developing every day, but the main places to improve are cleanliness, hygiene, pollution, corruption and population and no Indian has a clue what’s happening in these areas.

    Most of the western people think Indians to be corrupt, selfish, arrogant and dirty and litter the environment it could be true and it’s because that’s what they learn from fellow Indian’s or their family members themselves. Indians should put efforts not to be arrogant and keep the environment clean.

    I fell all Indian television channels should put frequent advertisements every day to educate people not to litter and pollute the country and to live a clean and hygiene lifestyle. Just like the frequency of pepsi or coca cola advertisements.

    Success doesn’t mean scoring high scores in some university or getting a job that pays you handsome amount of money and fleeing the country to some developed country. It’s something beyond that which also has something to reflect on your contributed to the country other than paying taxes.

    The education pattern in India is slowly changing to Western standards but things are changing very slowly.

    Also Indian women need to learn a lot from western and European women only then the country is going to develop.

    I have been abused by racist comments abroad but when I came back to India I observed that few Indians are racist themselves.

    The population of India (country) is 1.2 billion which is even more than the population of Europe (continent). It’s very difficult to provide jobs, education and so many other things 1.2 billion people with just one single corrupted, uneducated politician government. And thus the arrogance is shown in many Indians as they have to go through so much of shit to live in their country itself.

    All I can say is please dont hate any races when we are attacked by aliens from other planets we all humans must stay united and fight them as a single race.

  36. I’m an india born indian. I totally agree with you people that we do act in this way. But, i’d like to tell you what i believe is the reason behind this type of nature.
    You see normally if we go into a cafes, etc. Its a common practice that in case we get a poor service, we will end up giving the person an earful. That’s how it is at most of the places. So it becomes a nature of a person to act the same way elsewhere.

    I’m not a racist as I’m also an indian.And i hate when somebody behaves this way. But i admire the way you people overseas and all around the world are. Polite, friendly, well mannered. As i am just the same.
    Its not in our genes to b rude. It just depends on the surroundings in which we were brought up. That is the reason why indians who are US born or UK born Or anyplace else are not seen exhibiting the same behavior. :)

    • I agree. it must be sad for you being treated racist because of some other guys made bad image. hope not everywhere.

  37. That’s a great answer Karan.

    I would also add that not all but many Indians are impatient , but Indians who are born and bought up in the US or UK or any other Developed country would possess the traits, qualities , behavior and culture of a the country where they were born in. Its because of the quality of people they are with.

    In India there is major difference in behavior patterns between Indians who are born and bought up in an Indian city compared to the ones bought up in a town or country side village. And this is because a city person is exposed to cross culture.

    A European or American would find it easy to interact with a Indian city guy rather than the guys from a Indian country side or town and this is just because of lack of exposure for guys who are from the Indian countrysides or towns.

    Many Indians somehow get into an IT job, and these days even an Indian Yokel could get an IT job, these people stick with IT companies for ages and these IT companies send them to some country in Europe or US. Over there they are exposed to a different and new broad minded, open culture compared to the conservative , narrow minded, complicated culture they come from, because of which some Indian immigrants abroad tend to take advantage of this new found freedom and sometimes everything goes for a toss.

    All these companies sending Indian people to developed nations must put efforts to train people in cross culture sensitivity and proper business communication.

    For many Indians getting an IT job is a big deal in life and going abroad is a bigger deal than that . When they go abroad they actually become even more conservative and lonely because many guys find it hard to socialize and make friends and also if you observe just one in every ten Indian abroad would hang out with a non Indian. Remaining all of them would just stick to their own community.

    Culture and Religion are two complicated things in Indian society and many people who blindly follow a religion or culture without knowing what it actually means and not knowing why they are the doing it (just because their dad and mom would do so) would definitely act stupid during different situations.

    Unhappiness is one of the causes for arrogance and there are so many reasons why Indians in India are unhappy and the trait just follows them when they go abroad.

  38. My sisters husband is an Indian born in America. My sister is born in India, but was always a misfit among normal indians. When my brother in law was visiting some relatives, they met, fell in love and got married 10 years back. They are settled in the US.

    Now my sister has bloomed into a beautiful, bright person. She is always smiling and is so happy. I am very happy to see this amazing change in her. But i feel bad when she says she will never come back to India for good and she and her husband hate Indians..

    I was studying in London for two years and came back to work in India. And I have to say that now I can barely tolerate Indians (though I was one of them!) I think i was also a misfit like my sister but I could hide it better than her. Living abroad has opened my eyes to how arrogant indians are for no reason. Indians also always want to take credit for other peoples work, they lie to earn brownie points with seniors, they are sycophants and have no respect for other peoples time or feelings.

    i now perfectly understand why my sister has very few Indian friends and why she hates them.

  39. Why hate – just love. only 0.01% comes out of india (figurative – i made up this number) – so you must understand it is too competitive environment to even come out of billion ppl. That cud be one reason. so you have more chances of dealing with this too-competitive-folks.

    I dont want to divide india, but i have noticed that all the traits you mentioned are generally suits north indians. they are from the business-caste-families. south indians generally tend to be more silent and conservative. so in General Indians just like any other human being are good hearted and nice people, the people you see are like that. that too North Indians, i myself scared off ( they are the ones who runs most shops/motels and all). one reason for North indians being like that is, just like jews, north india has been ruined by foreign countries so many times. so in india itself north indians are little more arrogant than south indians. because of geogrpahy, no one cared about south india – relatively speaking. so bottom line, india is big. it has its own problems. dont hate indians. i love all and this country america ( looks like heaven – only thing is diversity missing – same trees, same walmart) yet beautiful. just open up ur mind and heart, some indians are nasty (just as any other country men/women) – just stay away – thats what i wud do. Good luck. I have seen very worst chinese and some chinese so nice like buddha, some very very helping americans, some arrogant ones. everyone is different and unique, some are nice, some are bad. but you need lot of open eyes to see that.

  40. i totally agree. i have the same experience, they are very cheap and mean; they talked all the time in work place; they don’t care
    company at all; they only care their own herd — they only hire their people if the manager is an indian. they steal other people’s ideas, and blame their own mistakes to others. they are proud for nonsense. they treat other as slaves, really know how to use other people…

  41. Look there are many different types of Indians. Northern, Southern, etc. Sound familiar? The Southern ones (eg. Mumbai) say the northern ones are ignorant, uneducated and the ones that get involved in corrupt politics. The southern Indians say it’s the Northern Indians that immigrate to other countries and give all Indians a bad name and look down upon the people of their new country as not having the culture they do. That is perhaps why they are so arrogant and annoying.

  42. I lived in USA for about ten years and came back and settled in India as I wanted to take care of my Mother. I never had any problem with Indians or Americans or any fellow workers. I never took Green card and I never wanted to be rich. All I wanted was to visit west,learn from West and see how best I can adopt the best of west. Today I have good American and Indian and British friends who still call me on my Birthday from USA and I do the same with them.
    My friends and me in common have always tried to understand the cultural differences, learn from each other and respect each other and above all shared the same affection about this Globe.
    So I never felt I am “The INDIAN” or my friends have never felt that they are “The AMERICAN”. We don’t care.
    Sorry I tend to disagree on India or USA debate. Good and bad are everywhere. It’s just that what you want to see. I don’t think anyone would want to waste their life time precious views forming negative impressions about Americans or Indians just because of their experiences have been bad. Experiences can be limited too. India has it’s best and the worst like USA has. But that is the truth. I will always admire Indians or Americans or Pakistanis who are honest about the indifference and still want to see a fellow being as himself or herself.
    We just have to accept our limitations if we all want to co-exist. Else one can go on hating each other. Choice is Ours. Sorry if I have hurt any of your feelings by writing my small experience, mine is a limited experience too.
    But the friendship, the support and all the care I got so far is “very human”. May be I am lucky to be surrounded by friends who are very good and caring to me.
    For me there is no American and No Indian. We all are the same in different bodies and different mindset costumes. Peace be with all.
    Best Regards

    • kitti. my attitude is very simmilar to you, “We all are the same in different bodies and different mindset costumes.” i have always respected all ppl and cultures and i have friends from many countries both east and west. BUT i recently had a bad experiense with a indian friend who i trusted deeply . i am a warm friendly and generuos australian who welcomes all cultures and treats ppl with respect. i met this young man while i was holidaying in india, and became close friends and i treated him like a son. he was very nice , kind , and very humble, totally different to most single indian males. he appeared so nice and genuine and honest that i welcomed him into my home and gave him a 2 month holiday to australia ,all expenses paid by his 3 austrailian friends. he appeared to be an exception so very humble and kind not like many indians arrogant and rude. i helped him to get a job here and work sponsored visa. he went home to wait for immmigration to be finalised. but then the truth was revealed. he was a liar, a full blown compulsive liar and a cheat and a scammer. he was scamming money from one of my friends here in australia to the tune of $30,000 which is more than 2 million rupees in india. So my “honest” indian friend is NO different to the rest of them. Yes he was very talkative, arrogant, selfish, manipulating and DISHONEST to the core, and would never admit his faults, ALL the things mentioned in the above thread. I am sorry to say but i have learnt a valuable life lesson , NEVER TRUST an indian male. i am still in shock about the lies and deception, he was a 100% con man, a liar and a user, not only got a free australian holiday but also $30,000 . Luckily his boss found out just in time to cancel his work sponsored visa and australian permanent residency.

      • Indian immigrants are generally racist towards the western world or hold racist views and they do not openly embrace their cultures or traditions. They refuse to accept they are living for today in present 22nd century. It is not the year 1836. They still hold a grudge or against outsiders. They pretend to be accepting. Many of the Indian immigrants marry with their own kind therefore it is evident that they do not like western women.

      • DO NOT be deceived when Indians start to use guilt manipulation on you (e.g. accusing you to be a racist) and pretend to be victimized.

        The Indians themselves are one of the most racist group of people and they also take their Caste System very seriously. This generalization might not apply to those Indians who grow up in Western countries, but for the rest of the Indians, be very very cautious.

        The Indians will screwed you. Go ahead to call me a racist if you want, I don’t care. I respect their ancestors, but for most of the modern Indians, I dislike them.

      • DO NOT be deceived when Indians start to use guilt manipulation on you (e.g. accusing you to be a racist) and pretend to be victimized.

        The Indians themselves are one of the most racist group of people and they also take their Caste System very seriously. This generalization might not apply to those Indians who grow up in Western countries, but for the rest of the Indians, be very very cautious.

        The Indians will screwed you. Go ahead to call me a racist if you want, I don’t care. I respect their ancestors, but for most of the modern Indians, I dislike them.

      • “DO NOT be deceived when Indians start to use guilt manipulation on you”…… yes william that is so true, he was a master of “guilt manipulation” , it has taken me over 6 months to recover from the mental abuse, mind control and manipulation. But he is still controlling the lady (ex friend of mine) who he scammed the money from. he knows her weekness’s, she is lonely, not educated and very gullible , and she is still sending money and gifts to him , and she is in love with him, he is a total con man. she is 54 years old and married, he is single and 26 years old. its disgusting, he will do ANYTHING for money!!

    • On a positive note, we can not generalize all ppl from the same country, there are good and bad in ALL races. I have some lovely friends from Nth india who are VERY HONEST and kind ppl, and very humble and generous. Also the (dishonest) young man has come back into my life, and now we have rebuilt our friendship, only to find that SOME of his “dishonesty’ was fabricated by the third person.

  43. I’ve no idea who im offending and i’ve no idea who might find this useful. hmm… before commenting should set my race and provenance clear. im indian, grew up in singapore(not a place in india, its also a multi-ethnic society) and i have nothing against any race. well, back to the topic.. i’d say indians aren’t hated all over the world. everyone would definitely face some hard times with a particular person of a particular race. something we have to understand is, often, indians who make it to overseas countries and are able to reach up to high postings, are the lucky ones who are rich. some others, who work as your construction workers and all that are people who are leaving their entire family back there in india and coming out there to work for you. you dont have to thank them. but dont ridicule them either. well, truthfully speaking, i’ve faced difficult situations with india born indians too. however, i’ve always tried my best not to hold grudges. well, i agreee that you’re being mean to someone who was mean to you. maybe that gives you a reason to retalliate. but that definitely doesn’t give you a good reason to discriminate an entire race. come on, stereotyping indians because of some trivial matters is like stereotyping every white guy prays to jesus, just because you’ve got a friend who is christian. well, that analogy may suck but that’s just how it works.and indians should be less, arrogant too. i understand, you people need to be at the top to make sure you do justice to whoever it is, you owe a living. yet, you have to think about the others too. also, the white people should consider this… indians are just like people of every race. in youur country some of them do odd jobs, some do high paying jobs. a indian who pushes people around because he is a higher official or whatsoever, is ridiculed. a white who does the same thing is ridiculed too. but the white is not racially discriminated, the indian is! why? cuz the whites are not indians. a white guy saying, “what if he’s white? he deserves a face full fists,” is just ironic. likewise a indian doing odd job, being cheap and not being as hygienic as the others is ridiculed too. whereas, the white guy is totally understood and some times even offered help. so this is how it works… birds of the same feather flock together! well, some may now say, then why do the indians bother coming here? well, they need money, work, etc. so they are coming to a well developed country like yours. either way, its still a compliment to y’all! they work for you, and they prove it to the world that your country is big deal. however, getting too headstrong just because you are offering them help is just not wise(this refers to only those who are headstrong)! sometimes, just like how some of you are in self-denial of being racist, i am unable to agree with the thought that you people are just angry because of the things they do. its more like, you’ve gotta problem with their race. well, but i would still hope for the best. people, stop hating and start loving:) in conclusion, unless the indians change the way they work and the whites change the way they see things, nothings gonna change!

  44. I do NOT hate indians as a whole. I know some GREAT indians, nice, cool people, and im not talking about the english speaking, upper class community here. Im talking about those indians who think they are worthy of being ARROGANT. They arenm’t! An arrogant INDIAN? What the heck have they got to be arrogant about? The fact that they are a third world country? Come on. As long as they know their place in society, i.e the humble denizens of a third woprld shithole, and are accordingly HUMBLE and NICE, I like em. Ill be cool as fuck with em, ill even sleep with em on the rare occasion. But start puffing your imaginary plume of feathers, and you’ll be rejected as trash before you can stutter the word ‘rice cake’.

  45. A lot of comments about how Indians should be making everyone feel good at all times. Anything else and the third world Indian can have as much vitriol and pent up anger thrown at them.

    And where does the logic for this stem from? The belief that the person who feels wronged is the standard for their entire society/race/tribe/club member. I’m perfect, but the Indian made me feel bad.

    Do you people concieve of the fact that a large part of all western society is racist on principle alone. It didn’t take an Indian doing something bad to them, it starts with these people slowly, consistantly wanting to establish racial heirarchy –you come from a shit hole, Bow! Be ever thankful, at all times! How much of this d you think it takes to convincing those Indians that preemptive attack is the only way to slow it down?

    And just for the special people–the Third world is not a phrase used to measure wealth or prosperity. It represents political Idealogy. The first world, means democracy. The second world means Communism. The third world, a system that the Indians started, was a rejection of the two extremes and adoption of both.

    Under that definition, outside of America, all western countries are technically third world systems.

    But lets not let facts get in the way, please continue to hate all Indians, except for the ones that make you feel good.

  46. 1.One of the things in which humans differ from animals is our ability to be aware.
    2.Our awareness lead to the concept of ‘systems’.
    3.The flaw in any man-made system is the definition of truth ; it being that ‘MAJORITY IS TRUTH’. Hence,the continuous conflicts.
    4.At any given point in time,place,each one of us has a limited physical horizon we directly have access to ; thus,I plead to every individual to be open minded at all times,24*7.
    5.Life is to live and learn.No end to learning.
    6.Get back to work.;-)

  47. i reckon indian being referred to as the 3rd World? why? im not going to defend or criticize anyone individually or their respective nations as for the matter, but i would like to talk about a few of my experiences. Indian people claim to be hated around the world, and foreigners think indians are nothing more than just an illiterate gump; well it is somewhat true since indians do not actually behave in the right manner that can be accepted in a society with high moral principles, they treat women from abroad the same way they treat their own women in india which is unacceptable anywhere. Indias broadly do act as dominant and are not good listeners. I’m an indian myself and i do have a lot of friends from foreign country, having studying in london, UK, i never experienced anything like being bullied, i use to walk the streets like normal and sometimes people would come to us asking for lights which was normal and they would engage in a conversation eventually. i have had made a few friends like that too; i remember how indians generally down south team up or make a group of their own people and walk streets as if they own the country and pass lewd comments on others or even start talking in their own language and you expect others to tolerate it. i dont think anything is wrong with the world but indians. a large number of indians need to change themself, the whole world cannot change for you. you need to start behaving in the right manner, it is what you do that defines you.

  48. ‘A lot of comments about how Indians should be making everyone feel good at all times. Anything else and the third world Indian can have as much vitriol and pent up anger thrown at them.

    And where does the logic for this stem from? The belief that the person who feels wronged is the standard for their entire society/race/tribe/club member. I’m perfect, but the Indian made me feel bad.’

    Who said they were perfect?? There are values, principles of communication and behaviour which, in the cultures in which I have lived (yes, “the West”), are generally accepted as “best practice” and those who display them, more or less, receive respect (obviously sociopathic traits can take you to the boardroom, but I mean generally speaking in professional and personal life). Desire to be genuinely competent, integrity, clarity, objectivity, humility, the ability to laugh at oneself and clear eyed assessment of ones own weaknesses, hard work, respect for the thoughts and time of others are among these. These take effort.

    Noone expects you to make me feel good . Regularly transgressing these (frankly fairly obviously ‘enlightened’) standards of behaviour, whomever you are, wins you the opposite of respect. Most of the criticisms people have made in this blog relate to behaviours that are the oppposite of those I describe above. It’s the behaviours, not the ethnicity, that P1$$ people off. For whatever reason, people have identified, they feel, these behaviours occurring in quite a few of the Indian folk they have come across. When people even mildly or implicitly criticise my behaviour I dislike it, but it makes me think about why they think and feel that way…sometimes they have a point.

  49. yes we are arrogant and fight for our identity and corrupt but all these bad habits are gift of so called white civilized people .they invaded the our country on the name of business taken all the wealth to there country and left our country with hunger and poverty they develop there nations and become developed nations from our wealth. to develop a country and its citizen money is the key factor but at the time of modernization all money was taken by these develop country .inspiet of all these disturbance still we are holding our rich culture and moving ahead . who are these white people to deiced who is good and how is bad we never inter fear in others culture they why other wants us to follow them.when we go
    to any other country we contributes to the growth of that country not like these western people how just come to drag the others money.


    • George, why are you blaming a particular religious group for everything? As if the Muslim invaders, who came to India during the middle ages did not kill the any Hindus or the Portuguese, who came to Southern India did not kill the local people. Are you trying to play the dirty minority card.


    • people like to brazen it out rather that admit that THEY DONT KNOW ABOUT INDIANS. go and read history Mr Dumb..Punjabi Indians are the one who helped India to get freedom.Yes We show of because thats the way we are …Your mother didn’t taught us how to behave decent .

  52. First step to learn something is to admit that you dont know.So when we go to other countries we need to learn what works in that country.
    We only think about making money,going abroad and live in our fantasy world.But we have to consider the fact that we as indians are not able to do anything of our own initiative.We depend on other countries so we can make money and yes, we are used by them because we are dumb enough to do something of our own.So we should not be arrogant but try to learn more and more from them and apply that knowldge to make our country a better place.Just look at china they are coping everything from the developed countries and making there country competitive and autonomous.They too have problems but
    Just look at our country:
    It’s over populated,divided by castes,classes and left to its fate,Indians dont have any capabilty to unite their interests and work on there problems unlike chinese,japanese,russians and netherlanders etc .And then all we care about is f****** cricket and our history.We dont know what’s going on in this world.Yes,there was a time when our civilitation was far ahead than from white civilizations but its nolonger like that,we need to accept that.Please dont be blind and see the facts.Be real.
    When you go to other countries try to look at the situation from their perspective.Who cares if we have a phd when we cant use it to make our country better.And think which country gave value to that degree.So please stop being arrogant and patriotic because there’s very less to be patriotic about.This way of thinking may work in India but in other countries you may only be able to make good enemies.In nature those who survive are the ones who are able to change themselves and adapt to new situations.Dont mind my english.

    • Forget the English part bro, U have said such awesome words. i see, Punjabis here, South Indians here and all that crap. not one person, who would gently say, “hey, so thats the list of things that are not liked by the people who give me my bread, butter and dreams. cool, I’ll work upon them”. And the problem is solved forever.

      Marvelously said bro, every word. Cricket, culture and then degrees, thats all we got to talk bout. To all those guys, who have PHDs and MA’s and MTecs etc. If you guys think you are so better than these whites? Why do you guys go there?

      And then, ofcourse, the Castes…….. Another feather to this loser’s cap. And i’ve been reading the comments above. I have seen how much we hate each other and we call these people racist? Those who let to come to there country, utilize their resources an give us and our whole generations, a better way of life. I am back home from NZ and trust me, i didn’t have good experiences there, that too, at the hands of Our INDIANS. i was just used by these idiots, who didn’t even finish schooling and themselves boasted saying that “the Graduates are working for me, why do i need to study”? So with such filth, I spent the last 4 months of my life and gave away the dream of establishing there as a Film Maker. Thanks to us Indians, we can sing stupid Bollywood crap, most of which loves showing women in the most degraded way possible, and like “Another Indian” mentioned, we can hope to win cricket tournaments. but if we have to take responsibility of being good citizens of the country that is solely responsible for our better life, ahhhhh, who cares, come the answer.

      Great, be proud people !!!

  53. americans, brits, canadians are just as arrogant and annoying as indians, but the reason they arent hated is because they (white people) have lots of (stolen) money that they can use to portray themselves as benevolent people through their corporate media. also you cant lump indians into one category. there are so many different kinds of indians. india is as diverse as europe. people from eastern india can be as different from the people of western india, as french are different from poles. one thing that one should bear in mind is that india was colonised by the brits for hundreds of years, so that can explain where indians get some of their dodgy habits from. by the way, i dont think you can admire the Chinese for tiananmen square because that was orchestrated by the ned.

  54. Indians are generally an inconsiderate race of people. Still their system tolerates corruption and violence and inequality towards women.

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  56. Wow!

    A lot of bigotry and intolerance on display here.

    Indian are arrogant : Well you have to understand that India has been through a lot of shit and so Indians like to hold on to the belief that they belong to great civilization and a sophisticated culture. Which is to a certain extent true, but not very relevant in today’s world. Try to take it with a pinch of salt.

    Indians are loud/dirty/they fart/burp/vomit: Yes, many of them do exhibit these characteristics. My apologies. But not a good enough excuse to be racist.

    Indians are self-serving: Most ambitious people are. Whites/Blacks/Chinese/Japanese. Politicians , you will observe are typically self serving because they are an ambitious lot. An immigrant has to be ambitious because he has staked everything and migrated in the hope of a better life. Affluent Americans will find this hard to understand. Again not a good enough reason to be racist.

  57. Indians are generally very stingy. Stinginess breeds stinginess. Many come empty handed without gifts when invited to a gathering.

    • All these things coming from a Latino?

    • yes very true, my south Indian friend is the stingiest person I have ever met in my entire life. He TAKES everything, and gives NOTHING in return. Some people call it stinginess , but in my experience it was total GREED!!! He had an Australian friend who paid his return airfare to Australia for a holiday, and she gave him a lot of financial support. After his 2 month holiday, I presumed he had no money so I gave him “A THANK YOU GIFT” to give to the lady who helped him. It was a bottle of expensive perfume (gift-wrapped plus a blank card). Before he left Australia I asked him if he gave the gift to his friend and he said YES. Then later I asked the lady if she liked the perfume ? She had no idea what I was talking about !!! He did NOT give her the thank-you gift, he had lied to me, and he took the gift back to India . THAT WAS THE GREEDIEST ACT I HAVE EVER WITNESSED IN MY LIFE !! ……………

      • I recommend you disassociate with him if he does not return help in some other way or form if he has no money. A friend should be reciprocal in behaviour.

      • oasis I feel bad for you and your judgment of people. remember every karma has an effect …you did right and god will bless you. the guy you trusted betrayed you and he will for sure meet his fruits of karma. he simply is ignorant, a far far below from being a noble man.forget him as he doesn’t deserve your kindness.

  58. [...] it's all about Pakistan bashing by the usual suspects…..likewise expect some grit with grain. Why Indians are disliked around the world? | THINK! Reply With [...]

  59. Dear Americans,

    It would be waste of time (I am talking about my time), If I comment more and abuse you f***** Bast@rds.

    Once Albert Einstein Said,

    ”Don’t ever try to imagine power of stupid people in a group.”

    This suits all you people who generalized your opinions. Good and bad people are everywhere.

    Dear Americans,

    Ask yourselves,

    Are all Americans are good, honest, social and moral?

    NOW YOU F*** OFF YOU F****** RACIST BAST@****

  60. There cannot be any statement that is true which has the form “Indians are *********” This is because it is too diverse. India is called a sub continent for a reason. India is more diverse than europe – has more languages, more religions than rest of he world put together, different levels of affluence, social structure, hell even governments have different idealogies – kerala and west bengal are communist. Indian people cannot be stereotyped. And most Indians like to lecture christians and muslims because indian hindu philosophy is truly superior to these doctrines based on blind belief in holy books. Also regarding lifestyle, you guys eat animals and dont wash your asses after shitting and call indian hindus dirty!

  61. really interesting comments here…. I’m from India working abroad for almost 3 years now and thank god( yes! god!) that Im not arrogant as some people claim their experience of working / socialising with Indians claim to be. I have worked in about 3 to 5 companies till now and all my bosses were white british and I got along very well with them. Some of them were really small scale companies so they almost treated me as their child (which i will be always grateful for ). I never felt the need to brag about my work, advertise maybe yes because i was in need of work at that time, but never brag. I do follows customs and religions ,but i dont force it to a Muslim or a Christian. I have been to church many times in this country and I will continue to do so.
    About beef, I am not pissed when anyone asks me why i dont eat it, just say its a religious reason ( i know a few but could be wrong, but im not offended by it ). I give good/bad tips to people wanting to travel to India , as I would be cheating myself if i say all the good things. I dont see ‘West’ as ‘carefree’ motherfuckers who dont know how to live. And i dont understand why Indians need to bring this point up above them saving money or not spending much like western people.? its their money, their life, as long as the brits dont ask you for it, none of your fucking business. I do dislike the idea of Benefits , but a lot of brits would agree with me of that. I try to have a proper discussion every time i dont like an idea, but i neither blindly accept it or dispose it, I would like to think everything over before taking a decision, i dont see anything wrong with that. And i do agree that Indians themselves hate Indians, so the argument of we being the first civilisation etc etc goes down the drain as if u dont like your own people, whats the point of all the ‘cultural richness’

    But i would urge( I mean thats all I can do at this point), do not weigh every indian in the same scale, it might be difficult for you not be a racist then ( only if u trying not to be one!)

  62. Thought I would weigh in here. I am currently working in an Indian company, that is located in South America. Today was my explosion point at work, and I am now googling ways to interact with Indians in the workplace (clearly I’m struggling with it..) and came across this thread. I am a laid back guy, easy to get along with, and never had a problem with any type of co worker until this job. Now I find myself in a weekly meeting with my manager ( a non Indian) getting mentored on handle to handle disputes with my Indian coworkers. Maybe, it’s because I’m American, but I feel like so many people have it out for me, and go out of their way to make me look stupid. It’s like shit, all I want to do is work my 9 hours, learn a few good skills, and go home, crack open a beer and relax. I don’t care if you are smarter than me, I don’t care what college you went to, I don’t care you set the curve on your CFA exam, or that you are more essential to the client than I

    What really pisses me off is their total disregard for other cultures. How the hell can these guys can live in a Spanish speaking country for 2 or 3 years and barely muster up an “Hola”. And then, have the nerve to get mad when the local resident don’t speak English. It’s also a rule that Spanish is not spoken in the workplace so that everyone can feel included. 80% of what I listen to all day is Hindi… How can you ban the official language of the country in the workplace? I am not gonna sit here and tell stories about how I got respected, because I could seriously type all night.

    One thing I do want to be clear on is the following: all Indians are not equal. There are people that truly do go out of their way to try and break these social norms and also see the glaring issues within their own culture. One of the best friends I made was an Indian guy from work. He took out a loan so he could enroll in spanish classes, chose to hang out with the local folk versus his Indian friends, and really took the time to explain Indian culture to me and help me deal with certain people. Every time he came over to my cube, I could hear other Indians snickering at him, and I know he got ridiculed for choosing to not hang with Indians.

    I think my experiences are extreme because most people I work with have never been out of India before and plan on going back within a number of years. If an Indian is reading this please just give me one piece I advice. How can I avoid all conflict?? All I want to do is go to work, do my work, and not have to argue, or be humiliated. It would be greatly appreciated.

    • warn them that you will consider taking action against this harassment under the Equality Act 2010. As you can see Indians don’t like to mix their social circles and generally dislike other races as they are stuck in their history it is easy to tell by the company they keep.

  63. I’m an indian and i agree that indians are arrogant and rude at times.
    After the british looted and left India, life has been a struggle for most indians. The present govenment sucks and is totally unreliable. So people tend to be less apreciative and their only motto is to get the job done. For this they may tend to be selfish, over competitive, lie…
    The only thing the indians can be proud of is our past glory, cultural richness… Since india has had one of the oldest civilizations, they tend to not show respect to other cultures (which i disagree with). Deep down Indians like the foreign cultures and life styles but are too egoistic to admit it. There has been rascism towards indians, of which personal experiences i’ve heard from my own relatives and so indians tend not to mingle much with the other races.
    Yes indians are noisy, but living in a country with so much population and and noisy environment, indians just get into the habit of speaking loudly in public places.
    I think Indians seriously need to grasp the concept of ‘when in rome do as romans do’ because different places expect you to behave differently. Different cultures have different methods of upbringing and people just need to agree to differ.

    • the British traded with India not looted. Indians of today were not born in 1836 this is the 22st century Start talking about progress for mankind and it’s environment.

      • British pretended to trade, but only looted India. They followed the policy of ‘divide and rule’.
        Also this is the 21st centuary not ’22st’.

      • I see you also have made a spelling error it is century not ‘centuary’.
        ‘divide and rule’ policy did not state anything about stealing. Trading was the virtue. This is conspiracy theory for Indians to spread hatred on different races. Did you come on this planet to continue spread malicious hate for other races?

  64. I like to think of myself as non-racist and open minded. That is until I dealt with Indians at work. I had never heard so many lies in my life and the interesting thing, Indians will look at you straight in the eye and lie. This is when Indians are below you on the corporate ladder. On the same level on the corporate ladder, the amount of backstabbing is unprecedented. God forbid an Indian is higher than you on the corporate ladder and then you realize that an Indian man with power is a horrible human being. Finally add the cheapness without any sense of reality (I want a discount on the Mercedes because the KIA is cheaper…), the inability to stick to an agreement and their word (I had re-negotiations on a daily basis with Indians until I told them to go to hell…) and the arrogance that a lot of Indian people have makes it difficult for anybody to like them. At the end of the day, my lesson learned of dealing with hundreds of Indians, never trust an Indian. Period.

    • I agree. Anyone who have dealt with Indians would know, despite the fact that we tell ourselves not to be racist. They are simply disgusting…

    • Giorgio referring to your comment……. “I had never heard so many lies in my life and the interesting thing, Indians will look at you straight in the eye and lie.”……….WHY do they lie so much???? I am still so frustrated at my dear friend from south India, he is the nicest guy I have ever met in my life but he is a chronic liar!!! I live in Australia and I live in a very small country town and I have grown up with good morals and ethics, and I am extremely honest . WHAT I HATE MOST IN LIFE ARE LIARS !!!!!!, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE LYING TO ME !!!!! Giorgio, This guy is typical of what you described, he would look straight into my eyes while he was fabricating the biggest bullshit story , which was totally unnecessary and then he would stand there looking into my eyes and LIE, lie , LIE and keep on lying!!!!! I really don’t get it, I just don’t understand it all , WHY do Indians lie so much??? When I realized he was a chronic liar and a compulsive liar (1 year ago) I cut all ties with him, convincing myself that I don’t need this type of person in my life. He knows how I feel about liars, but even now, we are friends again (and I am very cautious ) but I feel he is continuing to lie to me, and when I confront him (doubt him) he always finds a convincing cover-up, but I feel he is still lying. This is the most frustrating friendship I have ever experienced in my life, but I continue to be friends as I know deep-down he really is a good person, and he is kind, gentle, timid BUT a compulsive liar. …………….IT’S VERY FRUSTRATING!!

      • Now I understand more about my South Indian friend, I seriously believe he has a mental condition called Narcissistic Personality Disorder . He is only nice when he wants something , he is a manipulator and controller , a user, and the most selfish person on the planet. I came on this blog to try and learn and understand Indian people and their thought patterns, but I found all my answers on a psych website , my Indian friend has more issues than this blog can explain . Maybe Narcissistic personality disorder is more common in India than western countries since a majority of Indians are selfish, rude, manipulating , arrogant, liars, and who are only nice when they want something , they tend to manipulate and take control for their own advantage .

  65. white trolls speaking as if they are indian you people need to go back to europe india is more smarter than anyone on the planet considering we had the first university takshashila university and we are the ones who discovered the laws of gravity before isaac newton bhaskaracharya 1200 years before newton i can go on and on but whats the point . whites are only in denial and by the way if whites were so superior then why did they come to north america . we have more rights as asiatic people were the first to arrive in north america crossing the berring strait. whites have only been around in north america for 500 years illegally and should get off our land! the reason why whites came to north america was because they are sick and poor and was taught agriculture by indians and had poor crops leaving them to starve and could die by famine so they came to north america to steal off natives which also are from asia . all whites should get exterminated because you bottomfeeding bloodsucking leeches are stealing our resources and land and lie about our cultures when you should be more concerned about your own place of origin.as for any inventions whites made they hold no vallidity nor merrit as it was all stolen materials from many countries and whites should get eradicated for all global atrocities committed around the world.

    • First, not everybody who commented on here is white. Next, you just proved that everything we said is true.

      Disgusting … coming into developed countries with all kinds of fake documents and certificates …

    • I agree with Forrester. I don’t have a problem with skin color, with culture, with looks. I have a problem with your god damned mentality. Lies, lies lies. Enough, next time you lie think about the name your make for the rest of Indians. When you become a manager and feel you are a superior human being and all the people who report to you are lower cast (Indians or not) then think what you read here. Next time you bargain and give the other person a nervous breakdown, think of what you read here. Start behaving like a mature human being and stop whining.

  66. I have read the whole blog and learnt various issues faced by people all around the world from their colleagues, neighbours etc who are Indians .
    I would like to ask a question to every individual who suffered from Indian. How many of you ever tried to tell them or correct them and inform how they felt about something was done????

    This is for all those Americans who disgust Indians for their behaviour
    How many of you ever tried to create a blog like this ask the world how they felt about Americans???
    you people say Indians boast about themselves and are stereotype by interacting with few of them. Now shall I jump into a conclusion that Americans boast about themselves by a simple statement which was given by CHUCK NORRIS that he could beat Bruce Lee in a fight which is off the film sets.

    We people face same kind of Indians even in our home land.

    Some of you here have boss issues right??? what do you expect from your boss, let you do what you want ???do what you like at work??? then why should he ever be appointed in the first place??? He is there to manage the work flow and meet the deadlines of his boss, in order to meet his deadlines. He should be hard sometimes or all times to make people work.

    I see most of the people here are Historians, everyone here try to prove some facts wrong about India’s past. I don’t see why there is a crisis for workforce in this sector. I see people disproving those facts which are accepted by most of the Historians . No offence but please start writing articles because out there people are missing some crucial conclusions made here. People are making the best use of their anonymity. Write whatever strikes their mind before even thinking twice about what is going into the blog.

    I sincerely request not to make comments about other countries history without going through their past and please read those articles which are written by renowned people , because articles written by a amateur
    or some dumb people misleads others in the same.

    The other point i found fascinating is that we people help each other but not them, the only reason i think is that they are living on land which they are not used to till then , Its so obvious that he finds someone who he could share his experiences with and find comfort in talking to.

    People moving from India to work abroad have some assumptions same as you people have about them. I think these pre-assumptions lead to some gap between both the parties. There are many people who are satisfied with the behaviour of Indians and also the other way around.there are 3.8 million Indian’s in USA , please don’t judge India and Indians by encountering only 10 or 100 of them.

    Don’t you find Americans with the exact qualities written in this blog ??
    If you still feel that all Indians in USA are the same , you better find and kill me :P

    • I’m a SouthEast Asian Chinese, and you people come into our country Singapore with all kinds of lies and credentials.

      NOT ALL POSTERS HERE ARE AMERICANS ! Why am I wasting my time with filthy creatures ?

  67. I was a manager at a large company in sydney . I started employing Indians thinking that it was a great way to get new ideas and diversify my work place of over three hundred staff, manly laid back Aussies.
    They started off well and slowly bringing wife’s , friends for work etc.
    After about six months Indians started getting difficult and lazy. Would often tell me they know their rights and I was breaching them. They could not take any work direction with out offence and hated being told instructions. All ways telling me they are ” project manager, doctors, accountants and they knew more then i did .
    Being in a majority group (gay) I have and would never discriminate with any person. My sexual preface was well know and the Indians would often comment to me
    About it and referring to in India gay are not well liked. I was gob smacked as this came from no where.
    They would sit in the tea room slurping noodles and stinky food dishes and always talking at the top of there voice above anyone else . It became so bad that when they decided to eat everyone left .
    I spoke with them many times and told them that only English is permitted in the store and they refused and told me that I was ” racist”, and didn’t like them as they were Indian. I reminded them that it was me who employed them.
    I made the mistake of ignoring most of the outrageous behaviour and I found them sneaky and back stabbers.
    I was employed by my company for 15 years and I was called into the office told I was required for a meeting.
    To cut it short the Indians had put together a petition alleging that I had bullied them, sexual harassed them, that I steal goods from my employer.
    I was terminated for harassment as the Indians all supported each other with statement and all gave the same information when interviewed.
    It went to work place relations and I won !! One of the Indiana admitted I was set up and the instigator of it wanted my position.
    I was offered me my job back and I told them to stick it . After 15 years and not one complaint or issue I’m terminated on an Indians say so. I found indians to be lazy, aggressive, dishonest , and anything to social climb. They are over educated and they think they are superior to white or Asians.
    I started at a new company and I work with the worst Indian female. She tells me how wonderful I am them goes to my boss with stories.
    I find that Indians are so dominating and aggressive that they see ” kindness ” as weakness and try to exploit any situation.
    Walk into any Coles in Australia and its full of Indians , any shell servo is the same .
    7-11 is even worse.
    I have to say that Indians will
    Never be accepted by Australians and why they want our lifestyle and country as of our freedoms and less corruption like their home land, they should learn how to behave and respect the citizens of a country that are making it possible for them .
    The female I work with told me india is better but as of the corruption and voilance she stays here.
    My expiramce is Indiana cannot be trusted !! Do make the snake mistake I did and always be on your guard .
    Look what Indians did to Britain! Even the great Margaret thatcher told an Australian pm don’t make the same mistake we did .

    • I agree with you completely, never never trust them. Before anyone accuse me of being white, I am not. I am a SE Asian Chinese, and over here, we hate Indians as well.

      • Alfred and Jamie,
        I’m an Indian and the people you describe sound like the antithesis of what I am. I find it bewildering that you could stereotype an entire population of 1 billion based on a few hundred Indians you’ve met. Maybe 80% of Indians are as bad as you say they are. Is it fair to the remaining 20% to be stereotyped?

  68. Indians are selfish, arrogant and not smart. Yes, there are a billion of them so out of that mess comes a few smart ones. Those are the parasites that make it to the UK, Australia and Canada. Case in point, I was on the road the other day in Toronto (Canada), they were chasing the ambulance and firetrucks that were on route to an accident! No other race did this, not Asians, Whites or Blacks! Only Indians! I could not believe my eyes. This says a lot about how selfish Indians are. There are many other reasons I can tell you why Indians are selfish (arrogant, have false self confidence), etc,…but I will leave you with that small anecdote.

    • Yes, you’re right. I bought a Samsung NX300 the other day and an indian salesman tried to sell me Steinzeiser filters saying they’re from Germany and Samsung doesn’t make filters. I went back and check on the internet, and guess what … never trust indians

    • Superb observation Dean, its a daily phenomena here. U find vehicles chasing ambulances at breakneck speed:-)

  69. It doesn’t matter if you have gone to the moon or mars if you are a mean, obnoxious, lying, backstabbing person.

    Indians need to learn this.

    In India money or success gives them the license to do be complete assholes because it’s an extremely poor and pathetic country.

    It won’t work anywhere else – unless that country becomes poor and pathetic too.

  70. I am an Indian born n brought up in India and i read many of the posts here with great interest. By a great measure what all the Whites/Non Indians feel about Indians is TRUE. That is true in capitals..A phenomena that is by and large a product of the IT boom in the past 15years or so. To give u a perspective from here, what happened was that earlier you had kids from the best schools n colleges from India going to the west for higher studies, settling down etc they were generally a suave, sophisticated bunch from Indias premier schools who could mix it with the best anywhere.
    After the IT explosion here, that quality is long gone.the vast majority are from God forsaken places n lousy colleges.they want to get onto a plane to america even if it is in the cargo hold of the airplane.once in America they behave exactly the same way as they would in their villages if not much worse.A good portion of the blame rests with American companies also.they sacrificed quality for crass n same with the universities.just to fill their coffers they offered any idiot admission. india was the premier supplier of coolies/Indentured laborers during British colonial times.now its come back.the vast majority of the current lot are cyber coolies.I cant stand them here forget you guys stomaching them there…

  71. I absolutely hate and condone the generalizations spoken against us from the whites/other races. They as well as every single race have problems of their own but perhaps I’ll rant about them another day. This is about brown people/South Asians. I think much of the problems faced witihn the Indian community is also faced amongst other South Asians as well. It’s not always our fault, it’s how we were raised. Ever since we were a child, we were raised to be ambitious and competetive. Our parents told us how hardworking they were and told us that the only option that we had was to be educated, become successful and get six figure salaries. For them money equals happiness. For them the superficial things were what made someone happy. Even some of our hardest working moments fall short in the eyes of our parents.But you also gotta realize that these Indians and/or other South Asians live in a capitalist country along with 1.2 billion people. The gap between the rich and the poor is enormous. So amongst the kids, and the education their parents payed for, there is a lot of competition. You are nothing if you’re not a doctor or engineer or bringing home six figure salaries. You can’t pursue to become a hair stylist or singer in India. There’s no “following your dreams” in India. You just can’t. That’s where our parents’ mentality comes from, years of struggling, criticism from society and their parents. So they bring with them their shallow mentality and enforce it on us. And unlike white folks or black folks, you won’t be hearing “good job son” when they get an A-, they’ll be hearing “What happened to the rest of your test?” They may even get a beating if they fall too short. When parents of other nationalities teach their child to judge others by the content of their character and not their looks, brown parents will judge in front of their kids. They’ll be saying, “she’s too fat” or “she’s too dark” right in front of their kids. Kids eventually pick up those attributes and that’s where they get their arrogance from. They look down on everyone that doesn’t fit their standards. You think South Asians/Indians aren’t arrogant against other Indians/South Asians? Let’s put it this way, not gonna lie, a lot of white people got this correct(doesn’t mean I have any respect for these racists but the truth is truth), brown people will kiss your ass if you fit society’s standards(rich, beautiful), but if you don’t, you’ll be looked down upon from the higher classes. The middle class typically kiss the higher class’ asses but will treat the lower classes like shit. I know, I’m from Bangladesh and I have family from all classes. With that being said, you’ll see, and I do see often in Jerry Springer espcially lol, attractive white men with bad looking white women. Why? These men aren’t brought up to be shallow. Brown men…lol. They could look like crap but their expectations on a wife or girlfriend are so high. And if they are even the slightest bit cute, also possibly in good universities, their egos are so up to the sky. Some probably even think they’re too good for Frieda Pinto. LOL “She’s too dark” apparently. And I don’t blame them. When it comes to finding husbands in the brown community, our parents have a few rules. The guy has to be from our country, good education, and of course the girls want a good looking guy. So in America, let’s say the population of Indians is 1.5%, I’m guessing. So every indian girl is going to be after the slightly goodlooking indian guy from the reputable university or the slightly good looking indian man with the six figure salary because they don’t have much to choose from. Indian girls have to limit themselves when choosing a partner. And I wouldn’t be surprised if his parents and other parents stroke up his ego too every now and then too. That’s why to be put in a pedastal by their parents, other family members, society and girls, they work their asses off. They want to be entitled to all the good stuff in life. Well this mentality has worked in their favour, let’s not lie, as immigrants, they are making the money. But behaviourally and/or morally, this mentality is a stain to their personalities and it makes us look bad. However, of course they’re are exceptions to the rule. And I’ve met plenty of Humble, good-hearted brown people.

    P.S To the other people that are out generalizing Indians, yes some of the things you have it right, still doesn’t justify some of your racist comments. If I wanted to I can rant and point fingers at every single race on the planet. You can generalize every group/population and some stereotypes even may be right. But can you really say a group/race is any better or worse than the other because there are pretty bad things about all of us and plenty of people make every nation/race of people look bad. At the end of the day, what nationality is better or worse is subjective. This goes out to the indians that have insulted whites, while trying to defend themselves: Sometimes you do come off as trying to be nationalistic. Be honest with yourself, we’re not perfect and it’s better for one to notice the mistakes and faults of their own community than it is to point a finger at someone else’s.

    • I do not have a problem with the color or the looks. I do not have similar problem with Sri Lankans or Philippinos or any other South/East Asians. It is the mentality of the Indians that I cannot stand. Lying, cheating, not being able to trust them are some of the attributes that make the rest of the world not liking the Indians. A big number of them are immature and cheap, do not keep their word, and lots of other negative points.

      • generally migrant Indians that come onto western soil do not integrate with western society. They only want money and send it home to India. They are mostly tight fisted and mean even when they are earning four to five times as much here they refuse to be acknowledge or engage in western ideologies and only want their monies. If they are proud of India then they should stay in India. I dislike their conduct and behaviour too. They are the ones who wouldn’t reinvest in the western countries providing their salaries. Immigrant Indians are not normally patriots to the west so best not to expect any brotherhood from this race.

  72. I think the root of the problem with the Indian mentality that annoys the whole world, is their caste system. Given the discrimination in their own country by their own people, when given a little bit of power the lower caste people become horrible human beings and they want to take out all their complexes. The high caste people think they are superior anyway so they think they are smart and everybody else is stupid. From my experience with white collar Indians, quiet type personalities are usually very nice people but unfortunately these types are the minority. It is a very rich and old culture and I find it very interesting but unfortunately the modern India all it has to offer is cheap labor and will never be able to be innovating or creative in their own country since they cannot do team work and the moment someone does something good, the rest will try and undermine him, take credit of his work and ruin any chance of something good coming out. It is a shame but nobody can fix this for them, they have to change it themselves.

  73. After watching the following documentary about the castes in India http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgDGmYdhZvU then I had the following thoughts. 1. The higher castes are taught to behave like assholes from a very early age. 2. Dalits are treated like dirt all their life and moving in the West given a little power they can turn into tyrants; this is typical behavior of people being discriminated their whole life, suddenly find themselves being treated like equal. 3. Teachers were only from the Brahmin community and a person I know with Brahmin background told me “We did not have an option of failing academically, our parents would even resort to torturing to make us study hard”; This might explain the level of education of Indians Vs the living conditions there that the teachers had good qualifications. 4. The Caste system is probably the root of the mentality problem that Indians have and annoy the rest of the world.

  74. There’s nothing wrong with the Tianaman Square incident. The Chinese government was just crushing a riot with brute force before the looting and burning ensued. There’s something really wrong with the Indian caste system, institutionalized racialist governement. India = Damn corrupt.

  75. Wikipedia isn’t a very reliable source of information. The Tianamen link is laughable. On matters of politics or history, Wikipedia is more a source of misinformation written by Western-Centric (or pro-west) idealogy and biased views than true facts. I notice you Indians often vilify the Chinese or compare yourselves to the Japanese, when you have nothing in common with the Far East especially when you’re trying to paint a rosy picture of yourselves or of India. I find that to be a very manipulative and despicable mentality among your people.

    The only link you have with Central and East Asia is the fact that you cunning manipulative Indians have tried to brainwash the Orientals into worshipping Indian culture via your Hindu-Buddhist garbage and through the exultation of some bogus Indian prince named buddha. This attempt to subvert the Central and Far Eastern Asian nations of which you have no racial ties have turned them into backward countries easily colonized by the British just like your own slum land of India. Indians are nasty. Even the Tibet conflict can be traced to their slimey Hindu-Buddhist origins. Not content with taking Nepal, greedy India now seeks Tibet, a region which has been proven to be a historical part of China.

    Indians are like the semites, very cunning, manipulative, and greedy people.

  76. Wow.There is a lot of ‘hate’ here. I am an Indian girl myself & while I agree that there are crass, selfish, manipulative, arrogant,unhygienic, superstitious, perverted Indians out there who form around 70% of the population, there is still the 30% who are just normal & it is unfair to generalize. This 30% doesn’t include all the educated & privileged, as some previous posts suggest, but those whose parents or grandparents got lucky enough to experience the good in the world.

    Also nobody asks the important question. Why does the 70% behave the way they do? 80% of India forms the poor & the lower middle class.Even metropolitan cities like Mumbai or Delhi began with the uneducated that migrated from villages or adults who never studied past 10th grade ( like the parents of a few of my class mates).
    For these people it was ‘survival of the fittest’. They weren’t educated in etiquette, they were forced into being frugal & to stand on their neighbor’s broken back to get to where they are now i.e the present lower to upper middle class.The kids in these families had a terrible upbringing where they learnt women have their place in the kitchen, men are superior, Monday’s are bad, caste is king etc. And like Wordsworth says ; ‘Child is the father of man’. These same wrong ideals are passed on to my generation & it will continue to be passed on, though the number might decrease from generation to generation.

    Like some of you said earlier American-born Indians are pretty decent. So of course the bad characteristics mentioned aren’t wired into Indian DNA. Only those subject to certain hardships or born into an unfortunate family are like you describe, and no human being, Indian or otherwise, can choose his beginning.

    So yes, you are right when you call some of us filthy Indians, but do realize most do not chose to be this way & there are some of us who are just ‘normal’ & would like to be given the benefit of the doubt before judgement is passed on us.Like any normal person, I love my country, warts & all.Walk a mile in his shoes before you judge him.

  77. i am partially indian and trust me…indians are racist bastards. I get treated differently because I am a half breed; the amount of derogatory names I have been called by Indians is astounding. One cannot help who they are. Indians are rude, arrogant and racist. I get started at and called names…mostly names that put me down due to the fact that I am not a “pure” Indian. i know this goes against myself, but these people are horrible…I grew up in an Indian household and around Indians and trust me….if you think they treat non-Indians poorly…they treat half breeds worse.

    • Dear Anna
      You could modify your statement to ‘MOST Indians are racist bastards’. I am a half-Indian too, but my family in India are absolutely wonderful. I visit my paternal grandparents in Kerala every August, and while I do get strange looks from the locals, my family is always thrilled to see me & my mum. Some of my best memories are from these trips.You will hardly see family bonds as strong as these in France. While I have met Indians like the one’s you mentioned, there’s always the exception.

      In fact, it is the other half that shows more discrimination.My cousin often has his car checked simply because he is half-Indian while a pure Frenchman is allowed to drive on.

  78. i’ve been working with many ppl from different countries. unfortunately, indian are the most irritating ppl to work with. they are slimmy, cunning, stingy, no courtesy, always want to win and always think they are the best and better than other ppl. their words can’t be trusted.
    i have many bad experience with them.

    • totally agree. they are also lazy people and liar
      they always act that they are hard working and smart. well done good actors

      • Can someone please tell me , why is it that indians never say thank you, or please, or sorry. I have a new Indian friend and he recently told me that I irritate him because I say thank you so often. I don’t understand . Please help me on this question . He is a Bhramin. He appears very nice, but is irritated by my western manners and courtesy . Why?

      • because it is more than likely that their parents never taught them to respect other races. Indians don’t generally treat outsiders very well.

      • Indians have an inflated and fake sense of superiority to make up for the tremendous insecurity they harbor due to their disgusting culture (child beating, female infanticide, casteism, racism, sexism, etc, etc….), their body size, their lack of contribution to modern civilization and so on. This highly inflated and fake sense of superiority then make it difficult for them to be nice to others in general and that includes saying thank you, sorry or please. Also they come from an overpopulated and highly competitive country where everyone looks out for themselves and niceness is seen as a weakness and a waste of time.

      • Hi Ossi
        Some Indians do not say thank you, please etc. because those words aren’t used in spoken native languages ,though they do appear in books ,conversations with very senior distant relatives, authorities etc.. It indicates a sort of fearful respect or that you aren’t comfortable with the person. So if they don’t use it in their native tongues, using these words in English is even harder, especially with friends they are comfortable with. Generally Indians express their gratitude through gestures or mere facial cues.

        This mindset is ,fortunately, slowly changing,But this might be why your friend doesn’t like it when you keep saying thank you.It probably embarrasses him.

        Think of it like this: If you went back to 18th century & everyone, even your own friends bowed to you in greeting, wouldn’t you find it weird too?

        Hope this answers you question :)

  79. Thank u for the reply but I think that’s not the answer I’m looking for. He told me that he and his wife have an agreement not to say thank you . It really baffles me. I feel offended and hurt and have asked him the reason why my gratitude ( thanking all the time) has been irritating him. He hasnt replied . Maybe someone out there may know the answer…. ?

  80. Most Japanese people like Indians.

    • it is rare that an Indian immigrant will engage will a race outside of his own. They have very low dignity and would sleep in the same room with many other people just to save rent even when they are earning five times more than in their own country. It demonstrates how tight fisted they are and how unwilling they are to contribute or participate in the festivities of the host country. They only come to invest in themselves but not invest in the host country. They can be hypocrites. Trust them at your peril. They are normally a race of people who will make a business relationship out of a genuine friendship.

    • Do they like Indonesian?

  81. I am an Indian and really ashamed to be one. I wished I had ancestors from some where else. Some replies by Indians in this discussion drives me really crazy. They just blah blah without any strong reasoning. I just want to escape from this arrogant and self oriented society.

  82. Reading this blog from the start took me quite some time. There’s a lot of things happened here. The topic is ‘Why Indians are dislike around the world?’. I think the answer is simple it’s ‘attitude’ and it’s not limited to only Indians. Any person from any races with bad attitude would not be liked by others. Unfortunately in this matter it spotted Indians.
    To be honest I’ve never encountered Indian people in my home country, but I have had quite a few experiences (mostly in workplace) in here (New Zealand). Yes, I had met, the arrogant, manipulative, liar, self serve, pride, boasting people from India. But I also had found some peace loving, kind and nice people from India here as well.
    I had a very bad experience (been bullied) with one Philippino before but I also have a good friendships with other Philippines. I had been looked down by one Chinese lady when she learn that I have a Chinese blood but can speak Chinese no more (I’m Indonesian from Chinese descent) but I have some good Chinese friends too.
    The bottom point is, there are good and bad people everywhere from every race. I think if someone is well mannered, sociable and adaptable mostly she/he will be accepted in society. Off course this character would also depend of how we are being brought up and what kind of environment we mature in.
    If you should hate someone, hate him/her because of their bad attitude not base on their background, skin colour, race or whatsoever.

    I just hope for those who are debating or cursing each other here to please cool down. After all we are all human with same red colour blood. Have all same figures generally, two eyes, two ears, one mouth and nose, a pair of legs and arms. The things which are different are maybe is our skin, hair colour, race, language. Which we weren’t given any choice to be born with. The inside is still the same human soul.
    Ego might be different but the ego itself is the one which attach people to their race, country, group, religion or whatsoever.
    So why don’t we view ourselves as a human being instead of some different races?
    Race, religions, colours, status can unite but also can divide. We might coming from different countries but we live in the same planet earth. Breath same oxygen, need same water but might be different food (think as the richness of the cultures).

    For Ossi, your Indian friend is not a good person. Better stay away from him. I believe there are still a lot of Indian/non Indian people you can make good friend with. It’s not his race, it’s his ego/character which is wrong.

    Finally, we couldn’t choose from which race we would be born, but we have a choice of how we would form our character, ego and attitude.

    PS: Pardon me if my English is not that good. It’s not my mother tongue.

    • It’s Simple that there are all kinda people in every race and country, the way The Americans have experienced the bad attitude problem with Indians the same way the Indians have also experience the same thing with them.

  83. Hello, I’m an Indian and Living in India. And yes anyone would feel as offence against them when they read such about their country even me too, but honestly I admit and don’t admit these views. Well talking about the rude indians and dominating in conversations, well, There aren’t all the indians in the foreign countries, say USA, many you see are rude, but don’t judge all of them by this thing, The Punjabi Folk of India , yeah they are really not civilised, they are Kinda Idiots, they think too much of themselves, by themselves means about their language and their their state Punjab, not India. The think that they r the king of everything and everywhere, they are loud and really ill mannered folk. Because of these idiots we gentle folk are also seen as crazy as the,. but Yeah visit India once, and you will find many good people too, you will be welcomed here pleasantly no matter from which country you are or which race or religion,
    And yeah just one thing I Too wanna share that India is just seen as bad country because of our neighbour countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh Afghanistan.
    And Another thing I wanna share that, the way Americans see us as unmannered the same way we too have seen some Americans who are the students in our University, i tell you, it was examinations, everyone were studying in the college in the corridor and there were a bunch of Americans who were making noise, singing playing music,many used to smoke in the campus, in the lecture they used to spread eatable stuff on their bench eat and listen music not even caring that there is a teacher in the class. So all kinda folk are in every country not just In India. and see here many americans are being rude towards indian in comments so who are bad Indian or Americans ??

  84. an eastern citizens’ continual refusal to adopt and show interest to western culture and traditions when they arrive here and be patriotic when earning a better life and not just lining their pockets is the cause for division, discrimination and prejudice among many things. East or West it is a question of loyalties to the soil you are standing on.

  85. I’m Australian and recently India has made a big fuss saying that Australians are racist towards Indians, and that Indians are being targetted. I can assure you this isn’t true. The Indians who have been attacked here were walking through dangerous areas late at night carrying expensive laptops. In the last months a Korean girl and a French girl have been attacked and killed, and both were walking through dangerous parks late at night. It’s awful that Australia has places that are unsafe at night, but there you go. It’s nothing to do with being Indian. It would seem that as soon as something goes wrong for Indians, they cry “racist”.

    On that topic, I have travelled to India twice and spent many months there. I love the place and have great respect and admiration for the culture. However, in India I experienced the most appalling levels of racism and sexism I have ever come across anywhere in the world. As a white person, I was constantly hassled and harrassed. Every time I caught a taxi or tried to buy something I was ripped off. Rickshaws would drive me all around town and then charge me hundreds of rupees for what should have been a Rs20 fare. At every turn, somebody was trying to cheat me. I was served last in restaurants and shop queues, and I had to stand and wait while literally every other person was served before me. In some establishments, like fancier hotels, I was not served at all, as the staff put their noses up and completely ignored me until I gave up and went away. As a businessperson, I was cheated, lied to and stolen from. As a woman, I was constantly harrassed. I was followed, stalked, men exposed themselves to me, said disgusting things to me, grabbed me and touched me up on buses.

    So considering how Indians treat Westerners in their own country, I find it highly irritating that they would cry “racist” to Australia when an Indian gets attacked walking through a park late at night. In Australia, an Indian would NEVER be ignored by hotel staff because of being Indian, would NEVER be served last in a shop or restaurant because of being Indian, and would NEVER be harrassed, cheated, hassled or ripped off just because of the colour of their skin.

    Indians tend to be unpopular the world over. I think it’s because the Indian culture is so very different. What’s perfectly acceptable in India is considered unforgivably rude in other countries, for example talking very loudly, picking your nose and wiping it all over the bus seat, being sexist to women and peeing all over the toilet stall. Lying and cheating are a normal part of life in India, but in other parts of the world, that’s the surest way to earn contempt. In a restaurant in India, everybody shout-talks at top volume and nobody minds at all. Yet in other countries all that noise will ruin other people’s enjoyment and they will get up and leave just to get away from the Indians and their noise. I think Indians make themselves unpopular by offending everybody, and then complain that everyone is racist.

    • Thanks for speaking the truth about this country. I keep forgetting how horrible these people are till the weekend when I go out and find people behave the way you’ve just described.

      The attitude and arrogance…. unbelievable every time.

  86. I have Indian neighbours right now and they have been very rude to us. They ignored our friendly welcomes by pretending they couldn’t see us when we said hello. Next they parked their car in front of our house every day (in the nice patch of shade) and then put a nasty note on my car when I parked it in front of their house. Twice. Two nasty notes. Next, they shout, scream and shriek at each other all day every day, to the point where sometimes I cannot even hear my friends talking on the other end of the phone, let alone hear myself think. I work from home, and have had to buy construction worker noise-cancelling earmuffs just to be able to do my work. I have never had such loud neighbours. They stand outside our bedroom window late at night having long, loud, shouting conversations in Hindi. They woke us up at midnight three nights in a row one week. In exasperation we asked them out the window to please be quiet. In response, one man said rudely, “We are not singing and dancing,” and the other said to him, “Don’t worry about them; they are only renters,” and then they continued their loud conversation for at least 15 minutes more. They did not move, apologise or quieten down, even when we asked them to. Our neighbour’s comment suggests he thinks we’re somehow inferior to him. Apparently in his brain that means he can wake us up at midnight if he so chooses. In our brains, it means he is an arrogant pig.

    Obviously, we don’t like our Indian neighbours very much. Is it because they are Indian? Or is it because they are so unbelievably obnoxious, inconsiderate and rude?

    I’m sure these Indians tell all their friends that we are racist. But if they just showed basic politeness and consideration there would be no problem between us. I’m a person who genuinely admires and respects Indian culture, and I can see that these neighbours have brought their Indian culture with them. However, they are failing to respect Australian culture at all.

    When I travelled India, I was careful to respect the culture, for example by dressing in Indian clothes so as not to offend. Likewise, when Indians come to Australia, they should also respect our culture. This means they should BE QUIET, stop themselves from being sexist to women, and respect our belief in equality.

  87. Haha @eastindian you just proved that Indians are horrible through your stupid, and troll comment

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