The state of the Indian union!

There is relative calm in the country, the political process was successfully completed early this year and the Indian economy is certainly turning around. The state of the ‘Indian Union’ is good. Not too many countries in the world can say that with enough confidence. Notwithstanding the cancer next door, India has managed to stay focused on issues that matter to the people of this country. This week’s passage of the ‘Right to Education’ bill in both houses of parliament is a case in point. The muscular and open debate in the Lok Sabha and a live coverage of the proceedings by the electronic media is a sign of a developing democracy. Can you imagine a similar process in a country like China? How else do you develop the civic institutions of democracy?

China might be ahead of India in terms of primary education but their education system does not inform the students. The whole society in China is indoctrinated by the ruling ideology and the children get a twisted view of the world at large. This is dangerous for any society in the long term. Indian education system is hardly a model system but would evolve over a period of time. Now that we have Kapil Sibal as our Minister of Human Resource Development, instead of the dead-beat Arjun Singh, we should see dramatic reforms in our entire educational system. Sibal has already indicated his intentions of liberalizing the higher education system in India. Standardization of primary and secondary education across India is even more important. A uniform education system is key to national integration!


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  1. The state of our union is not good, Pavan. Seperatist movements are rife and there is a naxalite-Maoist insurgency taking place in a large area encompassing several states which the govt. has not been able to quell. I would consider the state of our union as not very strong.

  2. During the 1950-60s, United States was infested with mafia. The MOB as they were referred to, were deeply entrenched in all urban centers of America, from north to south and east to west. It took the two Kennedy brothers wage a war against the underworld for nearly a decade that focussed the country’s attention to the all pervasive cancer in the society. The MOB was largely Italian and was discriminated against by the all-white society. The problem of the underworld was solved only when the Italians were accepted in the society and found employment opportunities in the marketplace.
    The Naxalite-Maoist insurgency has very similar attributes to the Mafia menace of America. If India keeps growing at the rate of 8-10%, all boats would rise with the tide and the people involved in the Naxalite-Maoist movement would give up the less attractive alternative. In the meantime, such discontent would keep our internal security apparatus on its toes. There is virtue in every adversity and I for one always believe in the glass being half full as against it being half empty!

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